Week 15

Well the garden is in its end stages now. It’s sad to see everything getting harvested since it means that winter is just around the corner.

Here is a picture of the garden. There are so many weeds that I won’t be showing too many close ups of anything. It seems by this point of the year I stop caring about weeds..Lol

The flowers in the garden are really taking off now. Check out yesterday’s post for pictures. I think I will include flowers in next year’s garden as well. Maybe not in the same location, but I do like the colour they add for sure!

As for the garden what can I say? So much needs to come in that it is overwhelming. I still have cucumbers and kohlrabi out from Monday’s harvest. So I must do something with them before I go and harvest anything else.

Usually the beans are only ready in September so I wasn’t really in any rush to get them in. Now I think they are all over ripened or rotten. That is a big disappointment. I am not going to leave the bushes in. I plan on just pulling them up and taking what is usable and letting the rest go to waste.

This week marked the end of the pea season. I had my last big fill on Monday and enjoyed every last one! I didn’t save any to freeze this year. Next year I may plant a row that I will only freeze what I harvest from it, but we shall see!

The carrots can start being harvested any day now. I haven’t taken up a purple one yet so I may have to go out after I post this and take a look!

The cucumbers, zucchini and corn are all doing well. The cukes and zukes are never ending and the corn might be ready in a few more days!
the cucumber are taking over everything!
The Lettuce is flowering. There was just too much for me to keep up with this year. I will also admit that we were not eating as much of it as we should have either. I will leave it in though for another week or too just to help with weeds.

Tomatoes are still ripening as I type! The tomatoes that I brought in last week at slowly starting to turn. I might just be making salsa this week-end!

Beets are still in. I am going to make borsch one more time and then I am going to try my hand at beet root relish. It looks interesting and I love beets so it should be a marriage made in heaven!

Broccoli/cauliflower are still growing. I should be able to harvest the rest next week as long as this weather stays nice!

I started pulling out onions last night. Right now they are drying on a palate in the yard. Not sure where I am going to put them in the house to cure though. I will post pictures tomorrow since this post is kind of long!

Leeks and garlic are still not doing much. I don’t see either producing much of anything in the next few weeks. But you never know

Potatoes are getting ready to be harvested as well. The hubby is going to be chopping silage over the next week so they will have to wait a bit longer to get in my tummy!


  1. Fresh veggies is there anything better. Your garden looks great and sounds very yummy.

  2. Nooooooooooooo!!! Winter cannot be right around the corner, summer just now got here!

    Really, in just a month and a half I'll be putting my garden to bed and heading south. It's been a very short gardening year.

  3. Em- Thank you. I agree it is hard to top fresh veggies!

    Annie's Granny-I know I should just shut up right! I think I might have everything out by September 1st!OUCH


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