Week 13

Boy oh Boy the weeks seem to be flying buy! Week 13 ALREADY!!!!

 It was a good week for the garden. I was able to harvest 56lbs on Harvest Monday and everything is screaming to get picked again.

 Here is my weekly picture going west to east.

I have had a couple of firsts again this week. The 1st red tomato which can been seen in yesterdays post and I think my broccoli is ready to harvest.

I am not entirely sure if it is ready to be harvested or not. This is the first ever broccoli I have planted. The variety is Goliath Hybrid and I planted it from seed in the garden back in may. I didn't think it would grow let alone actually produce a big ole head! I read online that when you start to see a bit of yellow in the head that is means it is ready to bolt. Since I see a bit of yellow I think it is time to take her in. I hope it tastes as good as it looks!!

I think it might be time for the onions to come in too, but again I am not sure. I usually only pick them in September when the stalks have fallen over...but something is making me want to harvest them now

Now for my weekly updates
Strawberries- still not producing, trying to spread but the cucumbers are over taking them
Raspberries- continue to grow, but no berries. Lot of flowers though
Zucchini-Both plants are continuing to flower. Not very many babies though
Cucumbers- Lots of flowers and wee ones. Not enough to start pickling yet
Corn- I checked today and there wasn't much inside the cob. I think it needs at least 3 more weeks
Beans-need to be picked
Turnips- planted where the spinach use to be. Nothing up yet.
Carrots-still small might pick one today.
tomato-two ripe Roma. Lots of hot 100's, but not ripe
Beets-need to be picked
cabbage-done for the year planted spinach in its place. no sprouting yet
kohlrabi-need to be picked
leeks/garlic- they are there but not doing much
onions-might be ready but still small
potato-still flowering picking small ones on a need to eat basis.


  1. Your broccoli is so pretty. I always debate with myself on when to pick the heads of broccoli. I hate when I let them go too long.

  2. Daphne- thank you. I'm pretty happy with it. I hope I didn't leave it in too long. I will cook er up tomorrow and see!

  3. That broccoli is beautfiful! My spring broccoli was horrible. The fall broccoli and cauliflower are going in today. Hopefully they will do better then the spring crop.

  4. Robin. Thank you. I steamed it the other night and it tasted as good at it looked!Good luck with your fall crop!


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