Harvest Monday August 22nd

This past week had a lot of great harvests. I was also able to do a lot of canning and freezing so it made for a busy week. Warning there are A LOT of pictures!

I had my first carrots of the year. They didn’t taste great, but should be good enough for soups and maybe even pickling

Purple Beans are growing beyond my control. Once again I am not sure why I planted so many beans. This was just from 4 bushes!!

The green beans are so bountiful that most of them are going rotten before I can pick them.  I picked these ones this morning and they are getting yellow. Not sure if I should still freeze them or not?

I broke down and brought in some beets on Tuesday. I wanted to make my father borsch for his birthday last Wednesday. There were some big suckers out there, however they were very sweet!

I picked two huge broccoli. I am so excited that they are actually growing. When I planted the seed back in May the package said to start indoors before planting in garden. So I figured they didn’t stand a chance. I was wrong! The smaller one has a bit more yellow in it...but it should still be okay

I also had my first ever cauliflower harvests. I brought in this little beauty on Tuesday and then 2 more of her lovely sisters on Wednesday.

As I already posted I had some monster Zucchini this week. The little one in the picture (down in the tomato blurb) still weighs a pound, but it is dwarfed by its older brothers. I was able to get 16cups of shredded zucchini out of those suckers. I froze it for use later in cakes and what have ya.

Once again I am up to my armpits in cucumbers. I have to start going out every day and picking or you end up with pickling cukes like this!! Yeah that reads 1+ lb....lol

The shame from too many cucumbers is alleviated by the fact that I was able to bring in 3.8lbs of Roma tomatoes on Thursday! Some are a little under ripe, but I was afraid that they would crack or fall off so I brought them in. I need 3 more lbs to make salsa which is about 45 tomatoes. I think I will get my salsa and whole canned tomatoes....not for sure...but fingers crossed.

I was able to pick a few hot 100’s today. There were a lot that were split. The plants are just too big that I cannot see them and then it is too late. I was still able to get a bit though. I also picked 3 more Roma...getting closer to 7lbs...!

The kohlrabi are just about done for the year. I harvested another 16.8. I may just pull the rest out.

Today signalled the end of the pea season. So sad, but the mosquitoes in the peas gave me a few little keepsakes...lol

I would like to thank Daphne from Daphne’s Dandelions for hosting Harvest Mondays. Please stop by her site and visit some other great blogs as well.

Weekly harvest totals for August 22nd
Carrots 12.5oz/566g
Beans, Purple 8lbs/3.62kg
Beans, Green 2.8lbs/997g
broccoli 2lbs/907g
Cauliflower 6.25/2.83kg
Zucchini 8.7lbs/3.94kg
Cucumbers 45.4lbs/20.59kg
Tomato, Roma 4.5lbs/2.04kg
Tomato, Hot 100's 7.8oz/353g
Peas 1.8lbs/816g
Kohlrabi 16.8lbs/7.62kg

Weekly Total 93.12lbs/42.239kg

Grand total 283.11lbs/ 128.416kg


  1. Wow everything looks so wonderful!

  2. Wow! looks like your work is cut out for you today and tomorrow..hurry and put them away before the ripen too much ..good harvest :o)

  3. Wow, that's one big harvest! I am so jealous of your beautiful broccoli and cauliflower....and you still have some peas...oh geeze!

  4. I will not say "WOW". I will not say "WOW". I will not say "WOW"......OK, I will.

    WOW! Great harvest and great totals!

  5. Allison-Thank you

    Gingerbreadhouse7-I have been pickling tonight like crazy. I think my green beans may be a total loss though. They are pretty big and yellow :(

    Robin-Thank you! It about time I start bringing in numbers like you :)

    Annie's Granny- lol. Thank you

  6. I love your harvests. They're so varied and beautiful!

  7. Zucchini are so plentiful, aren't they? Unfortunately we do not have a freezer right now, so we are just having to eat all of them that I bring in. I don't want to can them because I want to save my jars for tomatoes, but I may just have to break down and do it.

    Your cauliflower looks amazing... so much so that you are tempting me into growing it for next year!

  8. Wow, looks like you had a great week! Congratz!

  9. RandomGardener-Thank you!

    Prairie Cat-I agree with you Zucchini are very plentiful.Maybe too plentiful! I am trying to eat most of mine fresh too!
    The cauliflower was surprisingly easy to grow. I wish you good luck if you try it next year :)

    Ben-Thank you!

  10. Wonderful harvest. Today I picked a monster again. I think it is still just small enough that I won't have to scoop out the seed pocket. Still it is huge.


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