Not so Cheery Cherries

Yesterday the hubby brought home about 4 pound of sour cherries from our trees over at the farm. At first i was happy, since I didn't think they were going to produce anything. Then I realized I didn't own a pitter and there was no room in the fridge to store them over night so I could buy one the next day. So I came up with this idea

I used a drinking straw to push the pit through the cherry. When I told my mother and Hubby what I was doing they both thought I was blowing the pits out? I think they are crazy for thinking I was crazy

It did a good job and it took me about 15min a pound to pit them. A bit longer than I would have liked, but good enough

The hubby wanted sundae topping so I used my Saskatoon pie filling recipe and thought it would work for cherries. I was wrong :(  When the mixture started to boil the cherries turned to mush and to make things better I couldn't get them to thicken. So I ended up with 4 250ml and 2 500ml of well for lack of a better word...crap. I would like to make cherries jubilee...and that calls for pie filling so I thought I could make my own.  It still usable. I will just have to try and thicken it again when it comes time to use it

For some reason it wont let me post the picture of my canned mess....I guess they are even worse than I


  1. That's an interesting way to pit cherries! I forget how I pitted them last year. It was one of those creative ideas too! Then my husband's niece bought me a pitter for Christmas and I forgot to go to the orchard to get some this year!

  2. Robin- I think I will need to ask santa for a pitter.Not sure if a regular cherry pitter will work on these little sour cherries though..hmmm worth a try either way!


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