A day of firsts

I have officially made my first cucumber harvest of the year and got 3.4lbs/1.46kg of cucumbers.
leaning tower of cucumbers
This is what I plan on doing with most of these. I know its a really big salt shaker isn't it

I also made some Saskatoon berry Jelly. It was my first time every making jelly and I didn't really have a recipe so I just combined a few together. I don't think I used enough liquid pectin. However, we shall see if it sets. If not, seed free ice-cream topping it is. I'm thinking I wont label it till I know for sure...lol

I used my grandmothers chinois (thank you Annie's Granny for giving me the fancy word). I'll be honest I had no idea how to use the thing so I just let common sense or at least my version of common sense do its thing.

I ended up getting 5 jars. I think it tastes pretty darn good and the colouring is nice so there ya go.

On a side note I have been looking up canning recipes for crab apples...since the tree is full of them. I found one for crab apple butter. That might be interesting...maybe
One yet another side note. I still have not been able to rectify being a noreply-comment blogger and it frustrates me to no end. However, this time I did not delete the blog in error..lol


  1. I made freezer strawberry jam today, too. Five jars. I am just about out of freezer space, so what did I do? I went to Costco and bought a bunch of stuff that has to go in the freezer :-( I must stop, I have green beans and strawberries, with no room!

    I wonder if I'll ever get cucumbers. Maybe, I have blossoms now.

  2. Annie's Granny- I think you have a frozen food addiction. I hope you find a wee bit more room to get in the bean and strawberries!

  3. Pretty little harvest. I need to make some pickles. I'm hoping Monday I'll get a chance.

  4. Daphne- Thank you :)I need to make some pickles too, however I keep eating the cucumbers before I have a chance to do something else with them :0


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