Preserving Tuesday

With all the cucumbers I have been harvesting I am sure that you can all guess what I have been doing....Pickling my ass off.

Last week I attempted to make cucumber relish for the first time. It looks okay, but it says that I cannot open it for two weeks. I hope it tastes good since I made another batch last night. I sampled some leftovers in the pot...tasted pretty darn good to me. However, this time I added more cucumbers and still only ended up with 5 500ml jars. I guess when they say about 6 they mean we really don’t
1st attempt at cucumber relish Aug 19th

Last night I also made some dill slices. This is another first for me. I could never find cheesecloth so I was very happy to make my first ever spice bag!

I tasted the brine when I was done filling the jar. It was pretty strong. Not sure how they are going to end up, but still worth a try.

Dill slices on the left and cucumber relish on the right. Made august 22nd
Tomorrow night I think I might try Zesty bread n butter pickles. I also want to try to make crab apple jelly and butter this week. However, we’ll see if that happens or not.


  1. So, you pickled your ass off uh! what are you sitting
    on? your face :o) LoL I couldn't resist that one :o) Granny made me say it :o)
    Those jars look good, and show your working , what did you make your spice bag out of?

  2. Gingerbreadhouse7- well my ass was big enough that i still have a bit to sit I just had pickling spice inside of my cheesecloth spice bag.


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