Well its been an interstesting start to August.

I was able to get in a good harvest yesterday so that was a plus. The weather is a nice steady temp and I do not see their being a risk of frost for quite awhile. I have likely jinxed myself and we will get frost sooner than I want, but that's life. This year the weather has been crazy so you just never know!
The plan was to make borshct last night. However, with company on sunday and monday I was just to darn pooped out to make it..even as simple as it is to make! So that is going to be the plan this afternoon or evening we shall see how it goes.
I was able to have my first big pea feast of the year last night. I picked 1 lbs of peas and I ate them all. Every last one fresh right out of the shell. Oh how I do love summer and all this fresh produce!
Here is a pic of all the lettuce I have. Mind the weeds.....I might just become Mrs. Lettuce after this! However, since this is my first year planting it I wont be to hard on myself. I know now for next year not to plant all the seed at the same time. Just incase you were thinking oh 15feet of lettuce that isn't too bad. I have another 15ft row at the other end of the garden :0
I am thinking of changing up my row direction next year. Right now I have them going north-south and each row is 32feet. Next year I think I might do the rows east-west and more compact. 2 rows of 15ft. Not sure yet as it is all in my head. I will have to get it all down on paper once the snow hits. Until then must focus on the 2011 garden.
On the downside the apple tree that lost its fruit in the windstorm is dying :( As I had mentioned before I think it has some kind of issue getting little black spots on its leaves. Two days ago it was looking a little limp and now the leaves are turning brown. I sprayed it with a fungiside today to see if that would help, but I think she is a gonner. Oh well it only cost 30bucks and we just bought it in may.......so not a HUGE loss to the pocket book.


  1. I might have to fight you for that title of Mrs. Lettuce, lady! My rows aren't as long, but I've already harvested 48 1/2 pounds of it and there's lots more where that came from! The rest of the garden might be a bust this year, but the lettuce rocks!

  2. Your garden is so amazingly productive! Kohlrabi really do look alien don't they :) Your berries are fabulous, haven't seen that variety before.

  3. I would love to see you ladies fight it out for the title! Being in zone 2, when do you normally get your first fall frost?

  4. Annie's Granny- 45lbs of lettuce. WOW. I concede the title of Mrs. Lettuce! However, I haven't been cutting mine on a daily basis so I may ask for it back..lol

    Mrs.Bok- thank you. Saskatoon berries are a lot like blueberries. Their name comes from the Cree word misâskwatômina. I live just outside the city of Saskatoon, which was named after the berry.

    Thomas- I don't think either one of us really wants that title! I am happy to let Annie's Granny have it. But I may give her a run for her money!
    In 2010 our first official fall hard frost was September 18th. However, it was September 5th the year before. Our nights can start to get near the 0C mark starting mid august. Last year there were frost warnings starting August 25th and I covered everything every night best I could. I lost my pumpkin vines September 1st to frost, the pumpkins themselves were okay.


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