Tomato Time...well almost

I think I may have found one lonely tomato that is starting to ripen.

This is very exciting especially since just a few short weeks ago i thought my whole tomato crop was ruined. The leaves are still yellow and they are rather small plants, but they have tomatoes on them so who cares.
this is what my tomato leave look like
 I have far fewer tomatoes this year than any other year. I just hope that they don't catch late blight again. Last year I was able to save a few by washing them in soap. This year I think I am going to fill up the wheelbarrow and wash the little guys before they come into the house and hope for the best.

 I love Roma tomatoes so that is all that I plant. Well that is a lie I usually also plant Lemon boy tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, but this year I just went with cherry and Roma.The good thing is that the Roma are great for canning. The bad thing is that they take so darn long to ripen. Come September 13th or before I usually pull everything out of the garden. At this point I will have one or two tomatoes that have ripened and the rest I have to take in green. Sometimes I am still canning into November since even in the house the little buggers don't want to turn red.
I have a long list of things I want to do with my tomatoes this year. Salsa,whole tomatoes and sauce. Okay that wasn't as long as I thought it was going to be, but maybe I want to make 10 different kinds of salsa and 100 different sauces...ha ha ummmm no. I will be happy if I can get at least 12 jars of salsa and a few sauce.

 My crab apples are starting to ripen as well. I love them and have no idea what to do with them other than eat them fresh! My sister in law makes juice. I don't know if we would drink the juice though. Maybe jelly or butter or jelly butter.
This is just a portion of one branch :0


  1. That's definitely a ripe tomato! Here's to much canning in your near future!

  2. Many of my tomato leaves look just like that this year.

    I vote for crab apple jelly!

  3. Robin- I think i might have found another ripe one too..or the same one I will only get about and 1/8 of what you got though!! Thanks for the well wishes :)

    Annie's Granny-I am not glad to hear that your tomato leaves look the same, but it is nice to know that mine are not alone. I am going to try the crab apple jelly...hopefully!

  4. My Roma & Amish Paste are finally starting to ripen, although the Amish Paste are cracking alot. I'm getting lots of Celebrity, Better Boy & Beefsteak. I'll be making salsa and canning tomatoes for soup this week-end. Hope you get lots of tomatoes soon too!

  5. Rmgales-gesh brag about your tomato greatness why don't you...tee hee hee :) Happy canning!


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