So what do you get when you cross a lazy gardener with hot weather and rain?

4 pound zucchinis are what you get!!

I was laying awake last night thinking about the garden when I realized that on Monday there were 2 small zucchini that needed to be picked. They were a little smaller than I like so I left them. I was suppose to go back and look on Wednesday since I knew they would be the right size....but I forgot and now I have these huge  I am going to shred them in the ole food processor and freeze. I will hopefully use the shredded zucchini to make a cake or

I have also let the cucumber patch get way out of control. It is taken over my strawberries and is making its way over to my sunflowers. The corn on the other side of the patch is also wearing the latest collection on cucumber bling...very

Here is a picture of some on the monster pickling cucumbers I picked today. The little one on top is slightly above average for a good pickle...the others as you can see are just a smidgen I will have to get the hubby outside this afternoon to see what else he can find in there. Must say that I am a little worried about there being way too many cucumbers, yet again! Next year I will only plant one cucumber seed!


  1. Here's a good recipe for those big cukes, I make them and save for Christmas time..everyone loves them, I think they are a Southern thing.

  2. Gingerbreadhouse7- Thank you for the recipe. I can say I have never heard or seen anything like that before, I shall have to give it a try!


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