Harvest Monday- August 1st

Happy Swiss National Day to my Hubby and Happy Harvest Monday to me!

August 1st is also a civic holiday in Saskatchewan which doesn't apply to my farmer hubby,but a Happy day all around.

Thank you once again to Daphne at Daphne's Dandelions for hosting Harvest Monday

After my company left this morning I was able to go out and raid the garden before it got too hot. It was just lovely out there, but I think we are in for another hot one today!

I pulled up the last of my cabbage today. It was bitter sweet. Yay I have cabbage and boo I not longer have cabbage in the garden.
I started putting them in the fridge and then realized I forgot to take a picture..oooops
Yet more Saskatoon berries. I think I am done with the berries for the year. I have a lot more on the tree, but now I am worm worried. We'll see the parents are coming out this afternoon and they might take some home

The Zucchini are producing nicely. The 2nd plant is starting to flower and already has one wee zuke on it.

Lettuce is out of control. I planted way more than I can ever eat. I have been trying to give it away to people, but no one likes lettuce anymore? Crazy people.

My little alien veggies the Kohlrabi are coming along nicely. I have been able to pick a few everyday.

From Sunday night

Monday morning
 I took in a few beets this morning from the picture a few days back. I just picked the ones that were starting to get to big and left the rest for another day.

Finally I can add beans to my harvest. It seems like people have had beans ready for a few months already and mine are finally starting to catch up.The green beans are doing better than the royal Burgundy.

Oh I just remembered the potatoes I dug up for lunch. I weighed them all, but forgot to take a picture. They were yummy!!

August 1st Harvest

Cabbage 15.27lbs/6.9kg
Saskatoon Berries 5lbs/2.26kg
Zucchini 3lbs/1.38kg
Kohlrabi 5.7lbs/2.58kg
Beets 2.10lbs/1.2kg
Beans, Green 1.6lbs/725g
Beans, Purple 4.3oz/123g
Lettuce 7.1oz/228g
Potatoes, Red

total 43.55lbs/19.7536kgs

Grand total 80.31lbs/36.427kgs


  1. David- Thank you! I love raw kohlrabi so most of it is eaten fresh. I puree it as well, but I never know how to serve it. I tried barbecuing it yesterday. It made it very sweet, but too crunchy.

  2. Those are some very pretty berries. Some homemade jelly made from them would be good, I bet..

  3. Engineeredgarden-Thank you. I have never made jelly before, but it is on my list of things to try this summer.

  4. Lovely harvest! Like those big cabbages. We never have much luck growing them. Those alien vegetables are so cute.

  5. Great harvest, Mrs. Pickles! I'm a cabbage growing convert myself. I grew a savoy variety this year and they are much easier to grow than Napa in my opinion. Yours look amazing!

  6. Wonderful harvest. I envy your cabbage. Mine never headed up this year. Maybe I'll go back to Gonzales the baby cabbage. That one at least produced for me.

  7. Malay-Kadazan girl- Thank you. This is my first year growing cabbage so it just may be beginners luck, but I hope not! Aren't kohlrabi the strangest looking veggies. You would never guess they are edible let alone delicious!

    Thomas- Thank you.I think I let mine get a wee bit too big. However they still taste pretty darn good. I am thinking of giving Savoy a try next near. Glad to hear they are easy to grow!

    Daphne- Thank you! Well I have tomato envy with all your tomatoes this year so we are even..lol Never heard of Gonzales cabbage before. I shall have to Google it!

  8. Great harvest Mrs. Pickles! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was wondering what type of water bath canner you have? I have a Ball Elite with a flat bottom that I purchased for my glass cook-top. Haven't used it yet, debating if I should purchase an electric one. You said you had a few scratches from yours, trying to avoid that problem if I can.

  9. Great harvest this week! I always end up with way too much lettuce also. No matter how hard I try, I always have too much! I have some great neighbors though who are very grateful for whatever I give them from the garden...and they actually eat it! They also give me bottles of wine in return!

  10. Rmgales. Thank you and you are welcome. I just have a 21quart carbon steel with one coat of enamel canner from benardin. It was only 21dollars, so nothing fancy. I heard a lot of stories online about stove tops cracking. However in 5 years I just have 2 itty bitty scratches. They bother me, but the hubby says its just a stove top and it does not interfere with it cooking anything...but still..lol I have been told if it does crack not to let them know you can cause that will void the warranty.

    Robin- Thank you. Glad to hear I am not the only one with a lot of lettuce. Wine in exchange for lettuce..now that's the kind of neighbours I want!


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