Too much to do :)

Today I have a very long list of things that need to get done...but here I am sitting at the lap top and have not done one darn thing yet. Well that is a lie. I made up my mind to bring the onions into the house and leave them in the porch. They don’t take up too much space and then I have the option to open the front door to help circulate air. I  actually moved them

The plan for today is something like this.

Clean up the mess I made in the kitchen from pickling last night.
Harvest all the beans in the garden...wash them...cut them...and then blanch them
Harvest broccoli and cauliflower...wash...blanch. Not sure, but I may try to make pickled cauliflower too.
Harvest Zucchini and cucumbers.....noooooooooooo there are going to be soooo many!!
Check corn (easiest part of the day)
Make beet root relish
Make pizza and tart dough
Make cabbage soup

And what will actually get done... Well my post for the blog will get done and then we will just have to Mr. Pickles is out in the field again today so he won’t be home to help. It should be an interesting day. Come back tomorrow for the post Mrs. Pickles gets nothing done or Mrs. Pickles has overdone
Good luck to all in Irene’s path! I hope that she weakens before she hits the coast and that rain and rainbows are the only gifts she leaves!


  1. My list is just about as long as yours, but I have to go to my oldest daughter's birthday party this afternoon, so the list will probably double by tomorrow :-( I only got as far as putting a stew in the crockpot and scrubbing up a bunch of carrots and getting them in the refrigerator. I haven't even made it out to the garden.

  2. You sounded like me far I'm still getting something done besides watching the TV to see how the storm is progressing..I'm doing laundry...made a good pot of peas,pork and rice to last the weekend..and Have a blueberry Cobbler in the oven which I plan to post :o).

  3. Annie's Granny-Well happy birthday to your daughter! Birthdays are much better than doing house/garden work! Good luck on your list not doubling for tomorrow...and stew...YUMMY!

    Gingerbreadhouse7-Good to know i am not alone in the HUGE list of stuff that need to get done!Your meal sounds mouth watering too..gesh all i am making for lunch(even though its 3) is a stir

  4. I'm a lazy bones today. I did can three pints of tomato puree and messed around with the hurricane prep business a bit. I should start some no-knead bread tonight in hopes that we will have electricity tomorrow to bake it.

  5. Robin-I would hardly call you a lazy bones!I hope you were able to bake your bread and that you along with all of your family and friends made it through Irene in one piece


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