Harvest Monday August 15th 2011

Once again a big THANK YOU goes out to Daphne from Daphne's Dandelions for hosting harvest Monday.

This week almost everything was ready to get picked.

I went out on Friday and couldn't find a cucumber to save my life. The hubby went out on Saturday and picked this...


30lbs of cukes. He figures there are another 30lbs out their, but I have to do something with these before he is going to go out there again...lol

The peas are nearing the end of their growing season. I was able to pick 10.1lbs.

I finally had my first Roma tomato harvest of the year. A whopping 8.6oz...lol But its a start. I just hope that these ones stay good until I have enough to can

I picked 2 Hot 100's too...not worth weighing though

I also had my first broccoli harvest of the year. It came in at 1.3lbs

The hubby also picked some sour cherries from his trees at the farm 3.74lbs

The kohlrabi, beans and beets need to be picked, but not today. There just is not one more inch of space in the fridge and the farm fridge is full too!

I have everything stuffed in there..soooo messy!!
 Weekly harvest totals for August 1th 2011

Cucumbers 30lbs/13.6kg
Peas 10.1lbs/4.58kg
Broccoli 1.3lbs/589g
Tomato, Roma 8.6oz/390g
Sour Cherries 3.74lbs/1.70kg

Weekly total 45.98lbs/20.859kg
Harvest totals to date189.99lbs/83kg


  1. LOL - Great harvests!

    What kind of Cuc's are those and how many seeds/seedlings did you plant to yield that many?

  2. Allison- Thanks :) They are all national pickling. I planted two 30ft rows in the garden from seed back in may. I'm crazy...lol

  3. It looks like Mrs. Pickle is getting herself into another pickle!

    I think your refrigerator is stuffed even fuller than mine. I didn't think that was possible.

  4. What kind of peas are those? They look gorgeous. I didn't know they produce over summer.

  5. It looks like there is a lot of pickling in your future! My goodness girl!!

    I think that you need another fridge!

  6. Very jealous of all your fresh produce. YUM!

  7. Annie's Granny-Yeah next year only one row! I will admit our fridge always is stuffed...damn costco!

    Randomgardner-They are little marvel. They always grow over summer for me :)

    Robin-I agree I need another fridge. Too many cucumbers yet again...lol

    Em- Thank you :) I would trade my garden to be able to make quilts like you!

  8. At first I thought that was my messy fridge :o) Glad someone else is as neat as I am :o)

  9. Gingerbreadhouse7-It seems to get worse when there is less food in it...lol I am also glad to hear I am not the only messy one :p


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