Harvest Monday August 29th

I think this might be my last big harvest of the summer. With the beans pulled out and most of the broccoli and cauliflower too It’s now just a matter of time before the frost comes and the garden is done for the year.  However, the weather channel is saying that the next week should be in the mid 20’s and only going down to 11C at night so for now everything is good.

This week brought in some pretty good numbers for tomatoes. A whole 9.8lbs of Roma

And 1 lbs of Cherry
I pulled to hard and took a few green babies too...oops

The beans that consumed my Saturday evening are now officially done for the year.
I was able to get 12lbs of purple beans
don't worry I took out the bug spay before I weighed them....lol

And 10lbs of green beans

The zucchini slowed down in the past week and I was only able to harvest 3 little guys. However, like I said yesterday there are a lot more that should be ready for next week.

The crab apples are starting to turn. So far I have brought in 7.5lbs.

The broccoli are all but done for the year. There are a few more little ones out there and a few shoots. I was still able to harvest 3.3lbs

Cauliflowers have taken over the kitchen today! There are still 4 little ones in the garden, but I brought in all of these! Have you even seen so many...well probably but I haven’t seen this many outside of a grocery store!

I made beet root relish last night and only needed a few more beets. So I only harvested 2lbs

Cucumbers that I wished would have stayed out side.....17.8

The onions that I pulled out on Wednesday are still drying in the porch. I won’t be adding them to my totals until they are cured.

Weekly totals for August 29th
Tomato, Roma 9.8lbs/4.44kg
Tomato, Hot 100’s 1lbs/.453g
Beans, Green 10lbs/4.53kg
Beans, Purple 12lbs/5.44kg
Zucchini 3.6lbs/1.63kg
Beets 2lbs/.907g
Crab apples 7.5/3.40kg
Broccoli 3.3lbs/1.49kg
Cauliflower 25lbs/11.33kg
Cucumbers 17.8/8.07kg

Weekly grand total 92lbs/41.73kg

Grand total to date 375.11/170.147kg

I would like to thank Daphne from Daphne’s Dandelions for hosting Harvest Mondays. Please stop by her site and visit some other great blogs as well.


  1. Your harvest looks great! I was looking at your previous blogs where cuke plants were taking over.. and the first question that came to my mind was- How do you get in to pick them? They're spread out pretty thick and I'm sure there's plenty of pests in there, so how safe is it? We have maybe 7-8 plants going vertically, but still the lower part is well covered with foliage and couple time I saw mole or rat scurrying and since then, I don't get in there, just pick the ones from the top:)

  2. You have really been "farming" with a harvest like that.
    I think it's wonderful to be able to grow your own, more so today than before I got to the point of appreciating it. I think many should take hint in today's economy.

  3. Oh my, it really must be a challenge to garden where you are already thinking of the first frost at the end of August! But you really have quite a haul of veggies, 92 pounds in a week! Fabulous.

  4. What a grand harvest!!! I can't believe how beautiful your cauliflower is!! I am really really jealous!

  5. Twenty-five pounds of beautifully perfect cauliflower? That's obscene! I can't even grow one decent head :-(

  6. RandomGardener-Okay rats or mice in the cucumber patch never even crossed my mind!!!! How GROSSS. I usually just push everything around till I find something. Making spots to step here and there. Our dog is a rodent lover so if there was anything out there she would find it, kill it and watch me run screaming to the house..lol That and my husband usually picks them for me..lol

    Gingerbreadhouse7-I agree with you. I think most people need to get back to their farming roots and enjoy growing their own food!

    Michelle-I'll be honest I didn't think gardening in a zone 2 was a challenge until i saw how much more people in a zone 6 could grow!

    Robin-thank you..i think it was your turn to be jealous...lol

    Annie's Granny-Beginners luck!

  7. What a fantastic harvest! Congratulations on all you've brought in (which is more in one weeks harvest for you than in all season so far for me)!!! Cheers!!!

  8. Bee Girl- Thank you. We had a nice hot summer this year so I think that helped out a lot!


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