OH #$%^

I DELETED MY BLOG BY MISTAKE!! I had set up another Google account since I could not leave comments on some sites and I had found out that I am a no-reply comment blogger. When that didn't help I went back and deleted the new account and low and behold it deleted my blog and my original account!! My stomach dropped and I literally was sick. Then the tears started..lol I know I know its just a blog.

However, when I got sick I realized how horrible some  people are. I would try and talk to "friends" about my garden and they would give me the whole well if you are well enough to have a garden then you aren't that sick. I honestly wish with all my heart that was true, but it is not. So I just never talked about my hobbies with anyone besides my parents, family and of course the hubby. After seeing countless friends posting about their hobbies and gardens on facebook I felt horrible that I couldn't do that too, so I thought I might start a blog.

I have to say it is one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I didn't start the blog so people other than myself would read it, but It does make me immensely happy that people do. I have found a whole community of smart, caring and funny people. It is nice to not feel so alone anymore. Its nice to be able to be proud of my accomplishments. It is nice to not be so afraid.

Oh I don't know maybe people will read this and think the same thing about me as the people at work and that is fine. I am sure there are millions of healthy people out there that cannot garden. I'm a not a great gardener by any means. I am not out there early in the morning tending my plants, sometimes I forget to water and most of the weeds are 4 feet tall. I have only been gardening for 4 years and I don't know 98% of what most gardeners know. But I try and if it is the one little thing that I can have some control over in my life than I'll take what I can get. Plus its really quite easy to garden. Plant seeds in soil, water, watch things grow, harvest...lol

Sorry about the rant. I just didn't realize how much this blog meant to me till I thought I lost it. I also just wanted to thank everyone for being so nice.
Long story short....The amazing people at Google had it back up with in minutes of my tear stained e-mail otherwise this post wouldn't be here...lol


  1. I started my blog in order to document my garden. I had no idea I would meet all of the wonderful people that I have met! It's such a wonderful thing to be able to hang out with like minded people. I really don't like facebook and hardly ever go on there...too much BS!

    People can be so mean and self-centered!! You just keep hanging out with us...we love you! Oh, and don't be doing any more blonde things...like deleting your blog!! I'm the blondie around here :)

  2. Well, thank heavens you're back! You wouldn't want this bunch of crazed garden bloggers to come looking for you, now would you?

    I spent a bunch of time copying my blog entries just in case. Backups can be done, but I'm not so sure they work, so I actually copied my HTML for every page. Then I got a virus (my computer, not me) and needed to reinstall my operating system. I copied all of my important stuff to an external hard drive, did the reformatting, went to move the files back and....they weren't there! My entire blog copy and all of my 2010 garden notes, photos. All gone. Now...that can make a grown woman cry!

  3. Robin- Thank you. I love all my new blogger friends too.This has been an amazing experience and I have only been at it for a month!

    I did get blonde hi-lights the other day I guess that might explain something..lol

    Annie's Granny- Thank you.Its nice to know that I would have been missed. I'll try not to do anymore silly things like that. I cannot believe that you lost all of your 2010 garden info..ouch!!! I think that would make anyone a bit teary!

  4. Luckily most of the information, and all of the photos, are on my blog. It's a bit of a pain in the butt copying all the pictures back to my computer though. I also had some 2009 and 2010 spreadsheets in Google docs, but I lost all my 2010 tomato data. Maybe that's why I'm having a horrid tomato year. Hey, I have to blame someone besides Mother Nature!

  5. Annie's Granny- That sounds rough! I am sure mother nature appreciated not getting blamed for that one...maybe she will be nicer now!


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