Waste Management

Every August as more and more canning can be done I am faced with the dilemma of buying more jars or throwing out the jams and what have yas that I canned and we are just not eating.

I have been getting a lot of old sealers donated to me lately. I love the old glass top jars, but I am not sure if they seal as good as the new metal lids. However, they have been around for a lot longer so they are likely better. Nonetheless, they are mainly 500ml to 1L jars and that is just a bit to big for jam. Well for our house at least since I do not care for jam and it would go moldy before the hubby would finish it.

So I made the long trip down to the cold room and started to go through what I should keep and what I could toss. I had made 3 bean salad 2 years ago and it didn't turn out the way I wanted. It was too watery for my liking, but I had been holding out hope it would get better...It never did so I don't know why I am holding on to it. All the pickles I canned last year are not edible by my standards. They got too mushy, but I have given them away and people say they are great. However, I have 80 jars left. I think it would hurt to throw them all out, but I might.
There is also some peach zucchini jam down there that never seemed to set. I think I used too much zucchini in it. So that might get tossed as well.

I want to keep all my can babies..lol Its hard to let it go, but if it just sits down there and never gets eaten then what is the point of keeping it.

Well in the end all I was able to part with was the 3 bean Salad. I just couldn't see myself eating it. Nor could I see myself giving something away that I knew was sub par
they look so sad :(


  1. Once in a while I have jam or jelly that won't set, so I use it as topping for ice cream, pancakes or waffles.

    I know what you mean about tossing out something after all that hard work. I'm staring at a bunch of quart jars of tomato juice that tastes sour from the lemon juice I used when canning them. I've even tried it in soup and chili, and it still tastes sour.

  2. Annie's Granny- Good idea for the secondary uses for jam that didn't set. I don't think I cold stomach my peach zucchini jam on ice cream, but waffles might not be that bad.

    Sorry to hear your tomatoes are a little sour. I've had that happen too. I usually over compensate with too much sugar when using them and then everything is way too sweet.


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