Harvest Monday August 8th 2011

Once again a Big THANK YOU goes out to Daphne from Daphne's Dandelions for hosting Harvest Monday.

This week I had a pretty good harvest. A lot of plants are finally producing and I am going to have to get my thinking cap on in regards of what to do with everything. I left my beets in since I am not sure what to do with them.

 Zucchinis had another good week. There are a lot of flowers on both plants now. Not sure if they will amount to anything, but if they do I am in for a lot of zucchini....again!
2 of the zucchin harvest on saturday the 3rd one is a few pics down
Cucumbers are out of control. Well the flowers are at least. I am going to have the hubby help me look for cukes this year. He seems to have the cucumber touch and can find them without trouble.
Cukes from Saturday the rest are below

Beans, zucchini and cucumber from this mornings harvest

I finally had my last Saskatoon harvest of the year. There are more berries out there. However, with the threat of all of them having worms I al going to leave the rest for the birds.

I forgot to take a picture of them all together so half made it into containers and the other half became jelly. We will be having Saskatoon berry pie today and either Saskatoon berry coffee cake or muffins tomorrow.

I think it is going to be a good year for potatoes. Well for new potatoes at least. Once October comes around they always get scabs on them. They are still good to eat, but not pretty to look at.
this is just over half the potatoes. I had the rest in the pot before I remebered to take a pic

 The peas are taking off! Which is a good thing cause I love fresh peas! This year I only planted 2 rows, since I am the only one that likes them. I think 2 rows might be too much and I am going to have to give some to my parents. I could freeze some....but I am too selfish to let the freezer have them I want them all to myself!

The the hubby doesn't like beans...........then why did I grow 2 rows? Yeah I cannot say I remember why I did that either. I really like the purple beans. However, I hate that once cooked they are just plain ole green beans. I don't think I will grow them again next year. I was only able harvested 2 green been plants and 2 purple bean plant. Which is about 2 feet in the 30foot row.It was just too much for me today.

Kohlrabi- Okay I think half a row of kohlrabi might have been too much. I don't know what I am going to do with all these little guys. We haven't finished with the ones I picked last week. I think they will the veggie of choice at lunch today for sure!

Lettuce is just there. I don't see my self coming anywhere near Annie's Granny's 50lbs. I must say I am very happy about that!

Harvest Totals for August 8th
Zucchini 3 lbs/1.36kg
Cucumbers 6lbs/2.72kg
Saskatoon Berry 4.6lbs/2.08kg
Potato, red 12lbs/5.44kg
Peas 3 lbs/1.36kg
Beans, Green 3.3lbs/1.49kg
Beans, Purple 1.2lbs/544g
Kohlrabi 18lbs/8.16kg
Lettuce 5.6lbs/2.54kg

Weekly total 56.72lbs/25.73kg

Grand total to date 137.03lbs/ 62.15kg


  1. Very nice harvest! Love your beans. What variety is it? Mine are bush beans and do not grow very long.

  2. What a wonderful harvest! I didn't know purple beans turn green when cooked!!

    Susan at Farmgirl Fare has a good recipe for Kholrabi dip :)

  3. RandomGardener- Thank you. I grow bush beans too. I am growing stingless green and royal burgundy beans.They usually start producing late July and will keep going until September when I pull them all up.

    Alison- Thank you. Its a shame they don't keep their colour, but they stil taste great. I will have to check out that dip recipe for sure!!

  4. Great harvest! I picked the cucumbers at the perfect size. I tend to let them get too big.

  5. That is quite a bumper harvest! The cucumbers and berries look great.

  6. Thomas- Thank you. I tend to leave my cucumbers on too long too. I think I could have left a few on for a bit longer though too..lol

    Dan-Thank you. I think I will need to pick a lot more cucumbers to rival your harvest, but I'm working on it :)

  7. lol I wouldn't want 50 lbs of lettuce either. What would I do with it all? I do like beans though. I miss them as I'm still in a bean lull. The hot weather stopped all flower production and they are only now starting up again.

  8. Daphne- I have no idea what I would do with 50lns of lettuce. I'm not even sure what Annie's Granny did with all of her's! I hope your beans keep going..they are soo yummy!


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