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There isn’t a lot going on over here lately. I am trying to get all my tax info ready to submit so that puts everything on hold. All year I am so careful about keeping good records of everything and filing it away and then come tax time I can never seem to find a darn thing...Not sure how it always works out that way. I am hoping that it’s not that I have misplaced things as much as it is they just haven’t come in the mail yet...we shall see. In the mean time the craft room and kitchen look like a tornado has gone through as I search for missing papers.

After reading a few blogs in the past couple of months during Thursdays Kitchen cupboard that talk about how much they pay per meal. I have been thinking that our at home meals might not be very cost effective. However, I have been too lazy to sit down and actually figure out how much each meal costs. Yesterday while at what seems to be our weekly trip to do grocery shopping at Costco I figured maybe buying in baulk is not the right fit for us. We are trying to cut back on our grocery spending so I was critical of what we bought. We tried to keep it down to only what we need and no splurge too many on things we don’t need, but simply want to We walked out only spending 142 which is much better than the 342 we usually spend.

I started comparing prices this morning  and now I am not sure if we got any good deals especially after looking at some online flyers, but I think on a whole Costco does have better pricing than the grocery stores.

 If I keep on comparing prices I am never going to get this post finished so I will just put down the 2 good deals that I think we got on meat.

Pork loin was on sale at 5 dollars off so we spent $10 for 3.31kg of meat. I was able to cut this down to 23 chops which is about .40 a chop. At the grocery store it is 8.80/kg for the same thing so that was a good savings. That works out to 9 meals for $10

We also bought beef tenderloin. We are just about out of beef from the farm and for some reason they don’t want to butcher another that means we have to buy beef. The tenderloin was $62 for 2.92kg which is a bit pricey at 21.39 bucks per kg. However I was able to get 18 good size steaks which means it’s about $3 per steak.  9 meals for $62 Now that seems a bit pricey, but  it works out to 6.88 per package which is a good deal for beef tenderloin steaks to me atleast!

Okay off to look for papers and make lunch!


  1. I think you get a better price by going to good sales if you look around at the grocery stores and use coupons. But I'm way too lazy to shop that way anymore. I used to when I had to, when my kids were little.

  2. Maybe it is the accountant in me (well almost I was three classes and a certification away 12 years ago LOL) our taxes are filed, our money has already come in and it has already been spent! My Dad is a last minute guy and doesn't get his in till the last day! oh, he frustrates me! anywhoo! Good luck getting that done!

  3. You really have to pay attention at the grocery store. We don't buy much at all, mostly cat food and seltzer and still spend way more then you would think. I buy my meats from two different butchers and grow and preserve almost all of our veggies and spices. It's just crazy. I don't know how people can afford to feed a family good healthy food.

  4. Looking st that beef price, I'm glad I'm vegetarian. It's no wonder so many families are battling obesity. It really is cheaper to buy junk than healthy food to make meals from scratch


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