Love is in the Air

Well it is February 1st today and do you all know what that means...................?

Stupid Bast is in heat...LOL likely not what you were expecting me to write, however it is true. From now until the beginning of May we will be visited by every darn male cat in the hamlet. So when you add all those little buggers to the three male cats we already have it is going to make for a few months of fighting, constant meowing and a little you know what...LOL

Last year there were 5 regulars that would visit our yard. I don’t know their real names, but this is what I called them

Tuxedo- who is a black and white and would just sit at the end of the driveway and meow his little heart out.
Mustachio- Who was all back except for a long white “moustache” that went in a thin line from ear to ear. He was my favourite since he would always be meowing from the strangest places. On top of the water tank, on top of the house, on top of the chicken coop, on top of the gazebo which is only post in the winter.  He was crafty and cunning and I am sure has a Spanish accent
Bad Smokey- Last year we had a grey cat called Smokey and I would always think that bad Smokey was him. Bad Smokey however only had one eye and a lot of scars...he also repeatedly tried to jump through a closed window...stupid cat
Rabies Dude- He was the one I liked the least since he was missing a lot of hair and I swear he only had 3!! He just didn’t look healthy.
Garfield- not to original here...he was
This year so far we have only been visited by a shaggy black cat. I think it might be rabies dude, but just a little healthier looking. However, after the past two nights of him screaming right underneath our bedroom window he just might become dead dude..Lol Oh well such is life on an acreage.

Okay onto something different now......

I got my first finish of the year finished last

My Heart Mug Rug

After an hour of fighting with my darning foot I was finally able to quilt it. I had wanted to make little hearts all over it; however since the stupid foot kept falling off I just did a little stippling or at least tried to. I also tried to make a few hearts with in the heart and then just stippled the middle. I used Aurifil Thread for the top and bobbin and it really sews oh so nicely!

And here is the back

I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I also tried to machine stitch down the binding, but it didn’t really work out for me so I ended up doing it by hand.

And here is the customary pic with an actual coffee cup (pretend there is coffee in

Tee hee....I am really happy with this!

Now off to try and finish that darn table runner!!

Take Care,


  1. I absolutely love your mug rug!!! Now I feel silly asking what it was before as it's totally a rug for your mug --- go figure! lol You did a marvelous job!!

    That darn Bast just won't leave will she :)

  2. Ahh the smell of feline urine in the air. So intoxicating!

  3. Trina- Thanks it turned out pretty good...and no she likes it here so she never runs away for long..loll

    HomeGardener- It mixes well with the manure that is thawing on the fields next

  4. What a cute little mug rug and your coffee cup is so neat! I laughed and laughed about your little group of male callers! Sounds like you will have some sleepless nights! Last summer we kept having this big grey tom trying to get in our bedroom window at night while Simon and Bella hissed and watched him. The funny thing is that Bella is fixed!

  5. Your mug Rug is adorable..Perfect for February!! Too Funny...about the felines... we've have similar problems.. Our girl is fixed too, but the Toms in the neighborhood go crazy things this time of year....We've got one that constantly marks our back porch. :( Hopefully won't be so bad this year since we have added a pup to our clan. HAHA.. I always have to buy a new outdoor rug come summer time. ;)

  6. Love the mug rug!! I <3 hearts!! LOL! Can't wait to see the runner!!

  7. I LOVE MY MUG RUG! You did such a splendid job and I will cherish this forever!
    Thank you again!
    ~ Jen @

  8. Frazzled5- I am so glad that you got it in time for Valentines Day! I was worried it might be late when they said anywhere from 4 -14 days when I mailed in on the 1st! I am also happy that you liked it too :)


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