Friday's thoughts

Today I need to catch up on some house work. The good thing about being in all these bees/swaps is that I have done a lot of sewing and quilting in the past 2 months. The bad thing is that my house work is getting neglected....and the problem is that I don't care...HAHA 

Well I do all the important stuff like washing dishes, clothes and the toilet are done. But the things like dusting and putting the laundry away keep getting pushed back. So today is going to be a cleaning day. We were supposed to be going on a little road trip today, but I don't think that is going to be happening anymore and the sewing can wait until tonight. I want to get my February block for the wonky bee done and finally finish my mini for the name game swap. I have lost all will to finish it up since it is stressing me out to much. Nonetheless it will get done and mailed before the end of the month!

Yesterday I got my package for the Valentine's Swap I took part in over and And Sew We Craft.
Laura from over at fleur-de-lou sent me this lovely table runner. I took pictures not thinking that I should iron it first so I apologize for the crapppy pics. Thank you Laura it’s very lovely and I will cherish it for years to come.


  1. Oh my, do I ever understand. I am bent on getting caught up on laundry today (I laugh at myself! like it will ever happen!). Lovely table runner. I wish my FMQ looked like that. Sigh... unfortunately I'm still dealing with occasional eyelashes and things aren't always smooth and lovely.

  2. Very pretty. Happy house cleaning!

  3. What a sweet table runner! It is so much more fun to sew than clean....but we have to do it eventually :) Once your cleaning day is done look out quilting!

  4. I think we all understand how quilting can take over. I know I do anyway. Who on earth would want to do housework when there's fabric, threads and a sewing machine waiting for you?

  5. haha! I ended up woith Friday off and did not do a stitch of sewing... I cleaned all day long!! ALL DAY LONG!! Oh, well! I have today (sunday) to sit and stitch!! That runner is fab! And hello, both sides are way cute!! Oh and I have faith in you!! If I can do it you can do it!!


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