Yesterday we did end up spending a good chunk of family day with family...well with my in-laws, but I guess that counts. We ended up going to see my nephew’s new place of sorts He is a teenager, engaged and while his fiancĂ©e is finishing grade 12 he is living in the house that she and her parents bought. It was a scary place that I felt so bad that he had to live in. I think he spends most of his time still living at home since he is scared to stay there. It wasn’t fit for a dog to live in...But I am not the parents of either child so all I could say is oh yeah this is nice. 

It makes me feel truly blessed to have the most amazing parents that brought me up well and always wanted nothing but the best for me, To have a husband, then boyfriend that had high standards of where he wanted to live and raise a family and to have been lucky enough to have bought a lovely little piece of heaven before the market sky rocketed! Now we are by no means living in a 5 star house of luxury in fact we are a far cry from that...but compared to that house.... oh my.

So today I am just feeling very thankful!!

I also wanted to give a quick thank you to Marlene over at Stichin by the Lake for sending me this lovely pattern I won in her giveaway.  I have added it to my list of things to get done or at least started in the Christmas qal 2012 day in March! Thank you Marlene!


  1. I think sometimes we just need a reminder like that to make us grateful for what we have.

  2. Oh, I have to laugh at the house!!! When Honeyman and I first got married we were living in TX and after he lost a job we moved into a 'scary' place. There was a converted Motel that had four apts. and out back were three crappy moblie homes. ours was NOT level (they did level it after about a month) it was right next to a field and we often went to sleep listeing to mouse races in our cealing!! There was no heat we had to use space heaters (and the oven) There was one phone in the parking lot and if it rang someone answered and hollered for whoever it was for!! All the people there were real nice, but WOW! Now I cannot believe I lived there! The mouse races still make me laugh!! LOL


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