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Yesterday we had to go into the city since Mr. Pickles needed a few more parts to put the jeep back together. I must say that man is pretty darn amazing. We needed to replace our radiator in the jeep and he figured he would just do it himself. However, the project ended up being a lot harder than he first thought and every day it seemed like he had to take the jeep apart even more just to get the old rad out. At one point he sent me picture with the Jeep and everything he had pulled out and I thought...WOW how is that all going to fit back in. Luckily he is a farmer that has had to fix all his own equipment through the years and he is very mechanically inclined (even if he doesn’t think he really is) so I knew that he wasn’t wrecking the Jeep, but actually fixing it. He is also a bit of a perfectionist so he is replacing a lot of small things that most repair shops would just So I think within the next day or two our little Jeep should be fixed and then I will have something to drive again....if I actually drove. I am also very happy that instead of the $2000 a shop would have cost us our total is somewhere around 500.

Speaking of saving money last night I saved a whopping 198 dollars on fabric. The local fabric store in the city had their annual end of the season sale on. This meant some fabric was buy one meter get one free, some was buy one meters and get 2 free and some was buy one meter and get three free. Since I needed some backing fabric for my Amish diamond quilt and a few other things I just had to go and check it out before they sold out of all of the good stuff. It was only 4 days into the sale and it already looked like wild monkeys had gone through the place. While I was looking for what I wanted Mr. Pickles spent his time organizing the He must have put away over 30 bolts of fabric which says a lot about the 10 or so employees that weren’t doing much of anything. After I had decided on what I wanted and Mr. P picked out something that he wanted we went to the cutting table were our helper was brand new, could hardly speak English and had no idea about the sale going on. It was interesting to say the least. It took me 20mins to pick fabric and 30mins for her to cut it.  It didn’t help that when I would ask for 2 meters she would cut it after one and I would say no I wanted 2 full meters and she would have to slowly measure and cut again...Lol Oh well everyone has to learn right....maybe.

After all was said and done the 15meters of fabric should have cost me 274 and I paid 76 plus tax so I think that is pretty good. Now most of it isn’t “designer” fabric, but it is better quality than most of the stuff I have ordered from connecting threads and at 22/meter most of it was more expensive than most of the designer stuff I can order online or buy in the LQS...LOL Oh well I bought 2 meters at 22 and got 6 for free so that brings down the price a my mind at least.

So after all that rambling on this is what I bought. Can you guess which two Mr.P picked out?

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  1. I'm gonna guess he picked out the hrvester ( grr on him, does he know I live in Moline and only a block away from where John Deere lived) and the black and grey checked one at the begining!! Im right, right!!

  2. I love bargains like that! (I think I would have been giggling by the time the employee finished cutting my fabric. Either that or crying!)

  3. Great job!! I love bargins....I am jealous! of course I guess being away on vacation in Maui will have to do LOL

  4. That fabric store almost paid you to take that fabric home. LOL Happy stashing...
    Isn't it great to have such a handy hubby when it comes to fixing things? I have one and he is always "shredding" one of our vehicles in order to make it lots better.

  5. Looks like you got some good deals and awesome fabric! I think Mr.Pickles picked out the red one and the one with the teddy bears on it! lol

  6. I think Mr. P picked the red one and the one on the right.
    Always great to get a good bargain.

  7. Great deals!! I bet he picked the IH, of course and the roady to the left of that...

  8. Great to get a bargain. Hardly any of the fabric I buy is designer stuff, and the stuff that is, that wasn't why I got it. Go with what you like, I say.
    That's huge full price costs (22/m), anyone would think you live in NZ or Australia ;)
    As for which ones hubby picked out... Def the yellow and the floral. Ok, ok, just kidding. The harvester one and the film stip looking fabric next to it.

  9. Trina and Norma. It is hard to pass up a good bargain :) He picked the IH and teddy bear fabric


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