Sewing Saturday

I didn’t get much done last night to show for today, however I did get two blocks finished on Thursday night and since I haven’t shown them to you it counts. Plus it’s not like this is a linky party or anything just my own sewing Saturday post so I can really do whatever I

I finished Georgia’s January block for the Wonky Bee. She provided the fabric and the instructions and I just had to make the block. I think the hardest part was just cutting the background fabric. She gave us enough triangle fabric to 9 triangles but hinted that having more would be nice. So I tried for 18 that still fit the end 15.5 x 12.5 requirements. Not all of my background squares are the same size and I am not sure if that is okay or not. I think it was suppose to be that our triangles were different sizes and the background fabric was all the same. They are all the same length just not the same height. It isn’t quite what I had envisioned in my head..But it is what it is. It was quite easy to put together once everything was cut out. I only had to bring out the seam ripper a few times when I was getting cocky about how easy it was coming together and then sewed the triangle on the wrong

The only other problem I came across was the final measurement. On one ruler I am 15.5x12.5 and on another I am 15x12.25 and on another I am 15.5x12......however when you hold the rulers up they all line So I don’t know what is going on with that. I am going with the first one being right and I apologize if it turns out that the other 2 were really right!!

Sometimes it is hard making blocks for other people sine you second guess everything that you are doing. I know I would be happy with it, but then you don’t know if you did it right for the person getting  In the end it looks like it is suppose to look...I think and from the e-mails I have read from Georgia she sounds like a very nice I think all is good.

The second block I finished was an HST pinwheel for Josie in the Bee Creative 2012 Bee. I wanted to try making the HST pinwheel from the Sew Happy Geek QAL, but without using starch. Originally I cut the fabric wanting to do red, black and white, however when I put it all together it was too much red and black and not enough of the red and white Josie had requested. I then auditioned my other reds in place of the black but none of them went well. So I opted to just do white on white. I know that I should have just scraped the smaller HST and went for another big one to match the red...but I didn’t..So now it looks a little strange. I can redo it if Josie hates it...but it will be a one of a However Josie is another very kind lady and I am sure it will be fine

Okay onto my starch findings.
Some people starch everything and others never even let it enter their homes so I wanted to see if it made a huge difference. It did make the fabric stiffer and therefore easier to work with (once I stopped sewing with wet fabric..Lol) and I think my points did match up a bit better when using starch. However, I didn’t feel like there was a big enough of a difference in the squares to say that I was only going to go one way or the other..Lol

Today I am going to work on Shilo’s February block for my We Be Learning Bee. I have it all cut and ready to sew

 And then hopefully start on my Valentines mini quilt.....I hope to have it done before the

What is everyone else working on today?

P.s This is my 200th post since I started in May! Wow I sure talk a lot don't I!!


  1. You're a busy lady! It's fun to have a lot of projects on the go!

  2. Your WONKY Block is AWESOME!!! She is going to love it! Trying to reach her right now so I can have her check it out, but she isn't answering her phone! GREAT JOB! I LOVE IT!

  3. HI Mrs. Pickles!! Your wonky block looks great and No your background squares are not suppose to be the same... lol. I was giggling reading your post. Be sure to make notes to your pattern so when you make one for yourself ;)you'll remember. This Wonky thing is so fun! Thanks

  4. who you callin kind? LOL!! L O V E the red and black material!! oh, I am getting ubber psyched about getting these babys in my hands to start messin with!! hey, did your other bee work itself out?? You let me know!!


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