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Well there hasn’t been much going on in my kitchen lately. in the past 8 days we have eaten out 4 days. We have been trying to cut down on how often we eat out since it starts to add up in the bank account and the waist line! However, it’s hard to have home cooked meals when you have afternoon appointments in the city, especially when Mr. Pickles only gets home around 1 and we are rushing to make a 2pm appointment. This means we are not having lunch until 4pm and then our lunch becomes our supper. Oh well maybe this next week will be a bit better.

Out of the three days I did cook my meals were not that inspired.

On Sunday we had homemade Ham steak with Mac and cheese. I used Penne, aged white cheddar, mozza and topped it all off with panko. It actually turned out pretty darn good

Tuesday was an adventurous meal. I had seen this picture for cheesy chicken skillet with rice in one of my cookbooks for some time and always thought it looked good, but I never made it. So when it came time for lunch and I was stumped on what to make I thought why don’t I try something like I did and it was okay. I did manage to take a picture. It wasn’t the best meal I have ever had, but it wasn’t the worst.

Yesterday I tried to make a tortilla like my mother had made for our Spanish night on Saturday. I also fried up some chicken/turkey sausage to eat with it. The tortilla was okay, not as good as hers was, but something that we would make again. When we warmed it up for supper mr.p decided to have to have bacon with it. They went really well together.

Since I seemed to be floundering when it came to decided on what to make for lunch I think I am going to try doing a weekly meal plan again. So here it goes. Once again hope to remember to follow my plan!

Thursday Steak Pizzaiola
Friday- in city
Saturday sweet and sour Pork
Sunday Roast chicken with mashed potatoes
Monday Beef paprikash
Tuesday – Valentine’s Day! We are going to fondue or use the raclette grill!
Wednesday- in city

Make sure you head over to our hostesses blog The Gardener of Eden and check out what is going on in her kitchen as well as other kitchens around the world!

Take care


  1. I made up a two week meal plan for dinners here. But then my husband was out of town on half the days. Things never go as planned.

  2. I really should try making a meal plan. I just make whatever I am in the mood for that day! Today, I have no idea!

  3. tip of the day.... noone does it like Mom!! this reminds me I need to send you my 700 page instructions on PDOPP! mmmmmmmmmm My grandmothers recipe and one of the few thing I can make that tastes JUST like Moms!!!
    Pensilvania Dutch Oven Pot Pie (sounds like a pie, but don't let it fool you!!)


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