International food nights go to Spain

Last night my parents had us over for the next installment of our international food night’s dinner parties. If you recall back on the 31st of December they drew an S from the bag and they decided to go with Spain.
It was a wonderful night with some pretty amazing food. I am still full today!

First we started off with some homemade Sangria. It was very nice and I swear it got better with every sip.

Next we were treated to an assortment of Tapas

There was the Tortilla which was to die for!! I think I will be making this a few times at home

Then the crab cakes with fresh creamy orange dill sauce served with a mini salad with fresh oranges, strawberries and more of the yummy orange dill sauce...oh so good!

Then just when you thought things could get any better they serve Sesame scallops with pistachio brown rice! The scallops were cooked to perfection

After that we then got a little breaking from the eating as my mother put together the main course. We then retreated from the dining room to the kitchen where we were treated to homemade sorbet to cleanse our pallets. I forgot to take a picture of it; however it was made with champagne, grapefruit juice and lemon. It was great

The main course was perfect. I was chicken and seafood Paella. You all know I love Paella so I was very happy with this main course. In addition to chicken there was perfectly cooked shrimp, clams and oh so sweet crab legs! It was great!

To end the meal my father made Spanish coffee. Here he is lighting the liquor on fire to caramelize the sugar on the rim.

Here is the end product. I ended up not being able to drink it since it was just too freaking strong!!!!

For dessert we were treated to Crème Brule which was very yummy!

It was a great night and I think they did Spain proud!! 

Stay tuned for our international food night sometime in March where Mr. Pickles and I will be making something from a Country that starts with............................... D?!??

Take care,


  1. Wonderful idea. International food day from a hat.

  2. Homegardener- no no from a Zip-lock bag makes it more

  3. I love to read about your international food nights - so much fun!

    I can only think of Denmark for a D - isn't that a country famed for their soused herrings? And definitely for the pastries!

  4. This sounds like fun, and everything looks delicious! I may have to try something similar this summer.

  5. How FUN! Oooh Dominican Republic or even Dubai...

  6. The food looks amazing!!! Your parents did a great job! The tortilla looks super yummy :)

  7. I have never met a coffee to strong for me!! I love me some Folders Black Silk!! mmmmm dark coffee!!

  8. What a great, fun idea! And it all looks so good!
    D?? Other than what has been suggested .. Deutchland??(Germany in German!)

  9. Everything looks amazing. I love scollops. Your folks did a very nice job. What a fun night yall had.

  10. Denmark? Dominca? When I was in Dominica I once ate with the bush doctor there. He cooked lunch over an interesting tiny oven (about a foot in diameter) with wood coals. It was plantains and coconut. Totally plain. The tea was pretty good. It was basil and something lemony. I think he described lemon grass, but I'm not absolutely sure.


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