To trellis or not to trellis?

Oh boy this month is going by too fast for me already..LOL

I feel like my list of things to do is getting bigger and bigger and I am just not putting a dent into it.

I haven’t done any sewing since Saturday morning which would be fine if I wasn’t so behind and didn’t want to get a baby quilt started and finished for Friday...LOL Oh well it just may have to wait until the kid is born in March sometime.

Along with complaining and not sewing I have been thinking about the garden. As some of you may recall the garden looks like this
week one of garden in 2011

This year as I have mentioned before I do want to try and grow some things on trellises. However I am not sure which design works best or even which veggies or fruits work best in them. I know that I could save some space if i go up, but is it worth all the work....I think so!

I am thinking of putting of trellises right into the garden; however I am not sure how hard it is going to be to move them after everything is done growing.

I am thinking something simple like this
or this for cucumbers and spaghetti squash

The other option would to do some boxed trellises like this somewhere else in the yard, but I don’t know if I am too keen on that idea.
trellis for elevated garden bed
Anyone have any suggestions or tips?

Take care,


  1. I use 8' canes in a wigwam then wrap string around in a spiral for the tall peas to grow up - pic here:

    Then for the climbing beans I do a frame in a V shape with the canes in a row along the bottom then splayed out towards the top - it makes the beans easier to pick rather than them being in big jungly mess together at the top inward facing canes. Pic here:

  2. I've grown beans and tomatoes on tomato cages, but I've never used a trellis. Sorry, I'm not much help. Looks like you're going to have fun this spring!

  3. Greetings! I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. It adds considerably to my reading enjoyment. I'm honoring you with the Versatile Blogger award.

  4. Last year was the first time I tried growing vertically. I only did my cucumbers that way and just uses simple chicken wire attached to posts driven in the ground. It worked quite well and removing them was very simple come fall.

    Congratulations on the Versatile Blogger Award.

  5. I make teepee style trellises using four 1 x 8 sticks. Bamboo would work well too. I set them at four corners, then angle them to the center and tie the top with twine. You can stabilize them using another stick across the top between two teepees. I can email a picture if you like. I plant the seeds around the legs of the teepee once they're built. I like being able to stand up to pick my beans.

  6. My thumb is brown, not green! So I could give you advice, but then I would have to advise you NOT to take my advice!! Your garden is about TWICE the size of my whole back yard!! LOL

  7. wilderness-glad to hear that growing vertically worked out well for you last year. Thanks for the great tip!!

  8. I grow my pole beans ON A 6' chain link fence. I've also grown them on welded wire fencing nailed to our 6' cedar fence. Heck, I even grew them on a ski pole one year!

    Worked, but the pole was too short.


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