Carrots, quilts and Ghastlies!

Last night I decided to start in on the carrots, since there was only 15lbs of the Purple Haze carrots I chose to tackle them first. I wasn’t sure what to do with them since they are not purple throughout. I figured if I canned them the water might get murky and I wouldn’t want to eat them and there isn’t enough room in the fridge to put them all in there. I ended up just blanching them and then freezing them into 2and 3 cup bags. I was surprised on how much they bled; it made trying to scoop them out of the black water a wee bit interesting. Once they were ready to put into bags I used my food saver to suck the air out of them and seal. I think this machine was made to seal carrots since this is the best it has worked out of all of the veggies I have preserved!

Here is a pic of my handy work

This afternoon my mother is going to drive out and pick me up to go the annual quilt show in the city. Neither of us has been to it before and are both quite excited to go. I hope it doesn’t disappoint. I will try and take some pictures if I feel up to it.

On a final note the Ghastlies Blog Hop starts on Monday! There will be 54 Ghastlie Ladies participating including me!! I am a little afraid since the ladies on my day are some seriously good sewer/quilters. I just hope my little project doesn’t look too silly in comparison. Stay tuned for more information on Sunday!


  1. The carrots look like they will be just fine..regardless of how the color bleeds :o)

  2. Gingerbreadhouse7- Yeah i think they turned out pretty good. Very yummy too!


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