Rain Rain go away....

Welcome to day 3 of rain, rain and guess what some more rain! I really hope that everything dries out in the next few days because I really need to get in that darn garden and do some clearing out!
Looking North East from the living room porch door...looks cool but hard to tell its raining

Looking South East...drive way is muddy cause its POURING!!!

Well my first week of being 30 went by very quickly almost too quickly I think my next birthday will be here before I know it! I don’t mind being 30; it’s just a number after all. The only thing that bothers me about 30 is that I had hoped to have a few kids by now and just doesn’t seem to be in the cards right now. There is still hope, but when everyone around you seems to be pregnant or already has 10year olds it gets a bit disheartening. Oh well sometimes things just happen for a reason so you just have to make the most out of the life you have!

This morning I finally got around to doing something with my tomatoes! I froze 9lbs of tomatoes, set aside 4lbs of tomatoes to make Bruschetta in a jar tonight and another 4lbs to just use as needed in the fridge. That takes care of all my tomatoes. Yahoo they are all done!!

So now unless I choose to can some carrots or potatoes I think I am all done with canning for the year! Yay and BOO...but when you see how full the cold room is i don't think i could fit anything else in there anyhow!


  1. Congrats on finishing with the tomatoes! Would love to see a picture of your cold room and hopefully you'll still be able to get your potatoes out of the ground.

  2. Take my advice and get ready to can up anything coming your way...I canned some potatoes in the pressure canner and I'm so glad I did...they have come in handy dandy..your tomato's look beautiful. they will make some thick sauce :o).

  3. Oh, don't worry about not having any babies yet. You have plenty of time!

    I sure hope that the rain stops for you soon....or you may be out there digging those potatoes in the rain and mud!

  4. gingerbreadhouse7-I will have to try to can potatoes for sure, i might do some carrots too.

    Robin- the rain stopped today now i hope it dries out cause i really don't want to be diggin in the mud!

  5. Done with tomatoes already?!! Mine are still ripening on the almost dying back vines. I hate to get rid of the vines yet as there are plenty of tomatoes, including heirloom brandywine!

  6. Random gardener. My tomatoes have been out of the garden for a whole month already..which is why i needed to do something with them yesterday or they were going to go bad. They were all green and they all ripened indoors for me.


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