No Harvest Monday

Welcome to harvest-less Monday! It feels a little strange having nothing to show from the garden today. There are still carrots and potatoes in the garden, but they can stay in for just a wee bit longer.

The week-end flew buy and all my hard work getting ready for it was worth it is suppose. Now I am just sad that it is all over. My new mantra is “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”. Now I just have to actually do that!

The party went really well. The house was clean, the food was good and the drinks flowed. The fact that I got some really wonderful presents didn’t hurt either! The only bad thing was that it all went by too quickly! Okay got to say my new mantra again a few timesJ.

The only bad thing I guess would be that the amazing present Mr. Pickles bought me doesn’t work. So now we have to take it back and hopefully we can order another one.  I have never ever received a gift that had some kind of working parts actually work when I first open it. There have been countless Birthdays and Christmases where I had to wait to play with my new toy...gesh good thing I have never gotten a car for a gift I might not be here

I still have a few more things that I would like to can, even though everything was put away down in the cold room for the party. I should just leave all my canning supplies down there and just be done for the year, but all the apples and tomatoes and beets in the laundry room beg to differ! I still want to make Bruschetta in a jar, Italian tomato sauce, spiced crab apples, apple butter, hot packed beets, beet root relish, borsch and I think that is all. So I think I still have a few week of canning left.


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