Harvest Monday October 17th 2011

Yahoo the potatoes and carrots are finally out of the garden. I would like to say that this is it for the garden; however the leeks and garlic are still growing. Nonetheless, I think this may be my last harvest Monday of 2011!

On Wednesday Mr. Pickles and I harvested this big ole wheel barrel full of potatoes. There were a lot that were green or had mouse damage so roughly 30lbs went to waste. We were able to harvest 120lbs

On Saturday my mother dug out our row of Yukon gold plus 2 red potato plant and we ended up with 60lbs

Also on Saturday my father dug up the carrots. There were 30lbs of orange carrots and 15lbs of purple carrots.

Weekly Totals for October 17th
Potato 180lbs
Carrots 45lbs
Weekly grand Total 225lbs

Grand total to date 933lbs

Thank you to Daphne from Daphne's Dandelions for hosting Harvest Monday. Please take the time to visit her site and also view some other great harvests form around the world.


  1. What a wonderful harvest of potatoes and carrots .that ought to hone up your pressure pot skills :o)

  2. Ok, please tell me your secret to growing such nice large potatoes and carrots. It sure looks like a little farm harvest!!

    I try to be organic and don't use anything other than compost, but mine are much smaller in size(:

  3. Wow...that's a lot of potatoes and carrots! Are the two of you going to eat all those potatoes???

  4. Gingerbreadhouse7-Thank you.I agree I am going to be a pressure canning all star now..lol

    Randomgardener-I honestly don't do anything special at all. In the spring we till the garden i plant the seeds, water and weed as needed and they just end up like that every year.
    no pesticides no fertilizer, but I think i may leave them in too long

    Robin-Yeah all of those potatoes for the 2 of us...lol and I down sized from 6 rows to 2..lol

    I always think we need more than we actually ever use. They have scabs on them which are safe to eat but not pretty to look at so i don't bother trying to give any away.

  5. I'm a new follower here! How satisfying to grow so much in your garden!!! My parents have a large garden and they also weigh all they bring in. They had potatoes for the first time in a long time this year, along with tomatoes, green beans, okra, onions, squash, and peppers. (Actually, the onions were part of their last winter crop.) We always know the eating will be great at my parent's house!

  6. You are an amazing gardener growing almost a ton of harvest living in a place with such shorter growing period. You work hard the growing season and eat the fruits of your labor whole year. Downgraded from 6 to 2!!! Were you finishing everything that grew in 6 rows :)

    I have been folowing your weekly updated and it was awesome.

  7. Sarada-Thank you very much I am glad you enjoy reading my posts. This is my first year recording how much comes out of the garden. I must say i was pleasantly surprised!

    When we had 6 rows of potatoes most of them became seed potatoes for the next year. Just way too many for 2 people!


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