One of these things is not like the other

My mother and I decided that we were going to have a sewing day, taking turns at each other’s homes one day every month. Well that plan was decided upon last year and until just recently it had not happened.  Now that I actually have some sewing supplies and some drive to sew I think we might get together more often. Unless they take away my driver’s licence that is!!

So on our last and first meet up we were working on a BOM that I had signed us up for at Christmas last year, but neither of us had gotten around to making yet. I had never done anything like this before and making jammie bottoms was about the extent of my quilting knowledge...which was

The BOM is from a local quilt shop and well I wouldn’t say it is the easiest to follow and it is more a row of the month than a block of the month.  Also the fabric is not the greatest, I think they just bought the cheapest stuff they could find, but maybe all BOM’s are like that so I cannot really complain.

This is what we ended up with for January. Now the colours are different since I chose Purple, blue and cream and my mother got green, gold and cream. However, the pattern is the

My mothers


Now I must say that my mom’s looks a lot nicer, but mine looks like the diagram in the Funny how that works out!

My mom is now caught up till September and as for me I am still on January!


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