Sewing Saturday

Good news today. It is sunny outside and the rain has stopped. Now we just need a good week of this without frost and then I can dig up those potatoes and carrots and get the garden ready for winter!

I think I have finalized my thanksgiving menu for tomorrow. Nothing like leaving it till the last minute. Somewhere in the last few days I had started to think Thanksgiving was next

We are going to have
Cabbage Rolls, perogies with mushroom sauce, ham baked in bread, corn and chocolate pie for dessert.

I am still a little or well very disappointed that it will just be Mr. Pickles and I for thanksgiving. Especially since I had invited my parents to come here on Sunday and now they are making a big deal that we won’t be going with them to my Aunts? I just don’t get them sometimes or most of the time.

I finally got my craft room clean enough to the point that I can actually do something in there. I hope to get started on my Ghastlies Blog Hop project today. I can’t say what I am making since it is supposed to be a surprise, but it should be interesting if it works out. I have my idea all drawn out and it looks good on paper. Maybe a bit busy, but good for my first project.

I plan of making some blocks out of these two colours. The original plan was to use the purple and the orange, but it doesn’t go with my other fabric as well as I had thought.

I also have this fabric that glows in the dark. I know how I plan on using it, but I am not sure it will mesh Oh well it’s for Halloween if it looks scary then job well


  1. It will be fun to see your Halloween project! I forgot that Thanksgiving is this early for you, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Your project sounds intriguing, I am really looking forward to seeing it.


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