Ghastlie Blog hop day 2 and more

I must say yesterday day’s dentist appointment did not go well at all. For years I have been bragging that I have never ever had a cavity. Well let’s just say that they finally caught up with me in a HUGE way.  It was also kind of strange that the dentist was able to confirm what I have been trying to get my other doctors to believe for that past 3 years. (Not that I have cavities, but something else. The reason I think I am sick). Unfortunately he cannot send me for blood work to prove it.

While I am sitting getting my dental work done I am going to try and think about all the fun I will have putting this little project together. I bought this kit and the cute little hanger at the Quilt show. I have never done anything with appliqué before. Therefore, I am both nervous and excited to try this.

I just thought I would also show another little Halloween project I finished. I really enjoy plastic canvas crafts and had to make this when I saw it. It isn’t perfect, but I still love it.

And in case you forgot!!

This is day 2 of the Ghastlie Blog Hop
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Tuesday October 25th 

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  1. I love that pumpkin holder! How cute! Your little pumpkin and ghost are cute and I think I see candy!


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