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Monday October 31st
Day 6

My final harvest Monday of 2011

This morning I went out and pulled out any decent size leeks. The roots on those suckers were huge! Maybe that’s the reason that they didn’t get very big or maybe that is just the way leeks grow?

I ended up just shy of a pound of leeks and got 11.9oz. I am VERY pleased that I was able to harvest any leeks at all. Next year I will start the little buggers inside first and maybe they will grow a bit bigger.

Weekly total 11.9 oz
Grand total 933.11
Oh so close to 1000lbs!

Thank you to Daphne from Daphne's Dandelions for hosting harvest Monday. Go take a look at her site and check out all the other harvests.


  1. First time popping by from Daphne's. I noticed that you're in rural Saskatchewan. I live in south-eastern Saskatchewan. I wonder if we're close by. We're enjoying our leek harvest too! Take care, --Shanon

  2. Shanon- Thanks for stopping by :) I'm just north of Saskatoon.

  3. Beautiful leek! Must have tasted lovely.
    Take care,
    Charlotta in Sweden

  4. Leeks take forever to grow. I always start mine inside in February.

    Do I see a leek and potato soup in your future???

  5. Madame C: Thank you i haven't tried them yet, but i hope they taste good!

    Robin- Thanks for the info i will have to start them indoor for sure next year. Yep potato and leek soup is on the menu for supper tonight!

  6. I agree with Robin, you have to start your leeks indoor.

  7. Norma- thanks for stopping by. I will have to grow them indoors 1st for sure :)


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