I’m 100

Well with this post I am officially 101. I guess I am a little behind the ball on that one, but a personal victory nonetheless!  When I started this blog I vowed that I would keep it going and was hoping that it would be therapeutic. I am happy to say that both of those things have happened.  Besides Mr. Pickles and my parents I didn't have anyone to talk to and I had a lot to say. I feel like I finally have a voice in a sea of strangers that have become the friends I didn't know I needed, but am very happy to have found. Thanks to everyone that stops by and listens to my ramblings J

Okay on to less mushy things....mutant carrots!

Usually we have quite the collection of mutant carrots in the garden. Although I find them likely too amusing they are a bugger to do anything with. They are usually too spindly to cut and freeze and who wants to keep them in the fridge to use later...not me. I try my best, but after laughing at them I usually throw them out. I know I shouldn’t since they are not really mutated. We don’t use pesticides or any fertilizer other than manure from the farm. And since they don’t use growth hormones at the farm that poo is all natural too!

Alright where am I going with this post..Oh yeah! So far this year’s carrots although not mutant free are for the most part “normal”. This is nice since there won’t be a lot of waste.

These are a few carrot people from previous years

This is the one lone carrot man I have seen so far. Sorry about the back drop I wasn’t thinking about how the picture would turn out..lol

And this is just a picture to show an average size carrot on the left in comparison to the monsters on the right.


  1. congrats on being 101!! Love those "mutant" carrots :-)

  2. Now that's something I wouldn't relish eating..

  3. Dr.Momi- Thank you! I think the little mutants are pretty darn lovable too.lol

    Gingerbreadhouse7-They just taste like carrots..lol But not something i would want to serve up for a dinner party.

  4. Hmmm...its a toss up between the 'taters and the carrots. We could call them The X-Vegetables. (X-Men, X-Vegetables...um...nevermind). :D


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