Ghastlie Thanksgiving

Well I survived Thanksgiving week-end. Well it was pretty mellow and just the two of us, but boy did we eat like pigs! I think I may have heart burn for the rest of the month!

Our meal was just so darn tasty. This was the first time I have ever baked ham in bread dough (something Mr. Pickles Mom does at every holiday), but it turned out great! It was AMAZING!!! I even ended up with enough dough for 2 loaves of bread. Which makes me want cheese fondue for lunch tomorrow; however, I think that is going to have to wait!

On Saturday I got the majority of my Ghastlies project done. It went relatively smooth, but I did end up ripping and resewing a few times. I think my desk must be on a slant because every time I put my seam ripper down it would fall on the floor and I would curse at it, however no matter what I said the little bugger wouldn’t jump back into my hand. I would even make a point of placing it further back on the desk when I was done with it and then out of nowhere it would jump on the floor. At least I was able to use one of my favourite tools.

This is my handy dandy super strong magnet wand thingy with a retractable handle. It makes picking needles, pins, and seam rippers off the floor a dream. I have another one in my canning tool box to take the snap lids out the water or off the

Okay back to my Ghastlies project.  I just have one more big part to my project and then I think I am done. Well  done part one I guess I still have to do part two. Part two is either going to be easy or harder than I am expecting. All in all it will be done in time for the blog hop! Now aren’t I being a tease not telling you what I am

If I get ambitious I may try to make a few other things with my Ghastlies fabric, maybe even something to give away. I won’t say that for sure yet since sometimes my mind goes beyond what my body can handle! However make sure you follow the blog hop since there are going to be some great giveaways and some even better projects!


  1. That stuffed bread with ham kooks delicious :o) I would even tempt a couple slices of it.

  2. I've never seen bread stuffed with ham! I'll have to show it to my husband and he loves to cook.....I love to sew. Can't wait to see your Ghastlie project!

  3. Gingerbreadhouse7-It even tastes better than it looks. The bread soaks up the hams juices..yummy!

  4. That ham looks wonderful! I have never heard of that before.

    Nice straight sewing!!


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