Sewing Saturday

Wow can you believe that it is October 29th already. I can’t well okay I can because that is what the calendar says, but this month really flew by! It might have something to do with the MRI tomorrow that I have been dreading all month. Being claustrophobic and unable to take any sedating meds should make for an interesting

I hope some of you have been checking out the Ghastlie Blog hop. Even if you don’t care for quilting there are a lot of really nice projects being made. They are inspiring me and giving me a little more confidence that mine isn’t really that bad in comparison. The ladies presenting on my day are pretty darn good in my eyes and I just hope people don’t click on mine and go...train I did have a few issues, but I will have to wait until after the 3rd to post about it and ask what I could have done differently.

Since it is the end of October my mind is already turning away from Halloween and to Christmas! Now I am not one of those people that come November 1st they put up the tree and decorate the house, but I do start making my craft lists and checking them twice. I never get 90% of what I want to make done, but I do like to dream.

After taking my log cabin quilting class the idea came to me that a Christmas log cabin quilt would be great. So I picked my fabric and got my blocks all sewed together. It took more than a day; it was more like a week! Nonetheless, they are all pieced together and now I need some help in deciding which layout looks best. My favourite layout for the lap size quilt (lap is as big as I can handle right now) is fields and furrows; however I did that for my first quilt. The pictures are not great, but  the options are:


All sevens

Which do you think works best?
One of my little helpers tried to tell me which she liked best, but she couldn’t quite see in.


  1. I have really enjoyed the Ghastlie Blog Hop and I'm sure yours will be wonderful! Hope your MRI goes well, I am claustrophobic too! Your Christmas log cabin quilt is great and I like the sevens the best.

  2. Hoping all goes well with your MRI. Your quilt is going to be lovely...I really like log cabin quilts. I think I prefer the sevens setting best but you have to do the one YOU love most! Don't worry about your Ghastlie projects - this is all about having fun! Your projects will be just fine!


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