Week 21

Today feels like a fall day. It is cool outside and raining. The plan was to get my butt out in the garden and pull everything out, but not too interested in doing that in my rubber boots!

The leaves have almost all fallen off by now and the dirty word of snow is on everyone’s lips. Let’s hope the rain goes away and we have a bit more fall before the snow arrives. We still have more than half the crop still on the field. So tomorrow better be windy and hot so everything dries out!

The carrots and potatoes are still in the garden and now with all this rain I wish I would have taken them out last week. The carrots should still be fine, but the potatoes might get a bit mouldy and rotten. I hope they don’t since we have only dug up one plant so far!

I will have no fall crops this year as the snow will arrive before anything would have the chance to grow. I would still like to plant garlic before the snow comes, but I don’t know if that is going to happen now.

Okay no more snow talk......To put ya back into the spring spirit here are some pics of the bouquets I got for my birthday. They are pretty enough to put a smile back on anyone’s face, especially mine!

I almost have my craft room cleaned up. I can see the floor and my cutting table and now I just have to put the rest of the crap crafts away...lol So I hope to have something to show from that room in the next few days!


  1. I don't feel sorry for you one bit! My Studio needs to be "put into order" and I've been so busy on this blog I have six inches of dust everywhere and more papers to be put away ..I can't do anything until it's cleaned up:o(

  2. 2a zone must be hard...I'm in zone 3, going out to plant the garlic right now :-)

  3. Hopefully the rain will stop and you can get your gardening finished before the snow starts flying!

    Those are some really pretty flowers!

  4. Good luck with getting your potatoes out, hopefully you'll have a good crop. It is always fun to clean your craft room and.....then mess it up with new projects!

  5. Gingerbreadhouse7- lol you shouldn't feel sorry for me I made the darn mess now i am the one that has to clean it. Problem is i get distracted start cleaning the room and then end up down stairs doing something else..lol

    Dr.momi-Its not too hard growing in a zone 2, just makes you real jealous of the zone 3+! Good luck with the garlic

    Robin- You must have sent your crappy weather up here..now we need to send it to somewhere else!

  6. I'm a new follower of your wonderful blog! Very pretty birthday flowers! I dug my sweet potatoes and now am not sure whether they'll store well w/ our temps in the low 80's. Cindy

  7. Cindy- Thank you :)My potatoes survive until about -15C and then they start to go bad. I try to remember to bring them in before then! If you can find a dark cool place for your sweet potatoes they should be okay. Good Luck!!


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