Cold room

I think that I may be done canning for the year. I cannot say that for sure since I may try my hand at pressure canning carrots, potatoes and well maybe even some soup! However, those are items that I can or cannot choose to can. I suspect that the carrots will just end up in the freezer and the potatoes in the cold room. We shall just have to wait and see.

Right now the cold room is almost officially full. I could probably fit a few more jars in here or there, but it’s getting pretty tight in there. The freezer is packed full too, but that will be in another post.

This is the cold room at the beginning of my canning season. I ended up throwing out about 24 jars after i took this picture. As you can see there was still a lot of stuff that needed to be eaten.

And this is it now

I don’t feel like I have done that much canning, but my spreadsheet says otherwise. This is a list of everything that I have canned this year. I won’t include a picture of each canning adventure, but click on the name and it should link back to my original post about that product!
Relish 10 jars
Salsa 20 jars
Saskatoon pie filling 6 jars
All in all it has been a pretty good year for canning. I really do enjoy it even though at times it is a lot of work for a small batch. Now we just have to try and eat everything!


  1. You will probably have half of it left over next year.:o)

  2. Oh boy! That is a lot of canning for the year! You sure are a hard worker:) I usually grow enough to eat fresh, the only thing that gets frozen is mostly tomatoes, but those are blanched, peeled and frozen. I think I have canned about 5 jars this whole season :)

  3. Gingerbreadhouse7-I agree that seems to be the way that it works. My plan was to go to a craft fair and sell some, but i don't know if i feel up to it or not.

    Random-thanks. We try to eat as much fresh as we can, but i just have way too much produce for 2 people so i can/freeze what i can to enjoy the rest of the year.

  4. Looks great Mrs. P!! I ran out of room in my cupboard in the basement and had to make room on one of the storage shelves down there!

    We give canned goods as Christmas presents to those you enjoy them.

  5. Robin-sounds like you have been doing a lot of canning too! I think i am going to try and give some away as gifts too.

  6. Wow Mrs P and I thought Mrs TK had a lot of jars. I like the new blog by the way.


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