Ghastlie Blog hop Day 3 and the lonely leeks

The garden was made ready for winter about 2 weeks ago; however, I left the leeks and garlic in hoping that they would become a bit bigger since they were still growing. I think the garlic is still a dud since I pulled one and there was nothing there. However, the leeks are finally a nice size I think.



Not sure if you can see them in these pictures very well, but they are leeks. With the nights getting down to -5C I think I am going to have to pull them out today. They will then become cream of leek soup..YUMMY I just might have one more harvest Monday post for 2011 after all.

And don’t forget today is day 3 of the Ghastlie Blog hop. Every blog I visit is full of inspiring ideas that make me want to buy a lot more Ghastlie Fabric!

Wednesday October 26th     


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