Week 22

Since the garden is not officially done for the year I figured I would keep up with the weekly updates.

The past week was full of a lot of rain and guess what it is doing today, yep pouring! Since the weather hasn’t been too cold this rain is both good and bad for the garden or more importantly the gardener. As I have been harping on for days the potatoes and carrots are still in the garden. So the rain isn’t too welcome for that reason. However, Mr. Pickles and I okay mainly Mr. P dug out 2 rows of potatoes yesterday and I am not too worried about the last row. If it doesn’t come out before the snow or the potatoes go rotten it is okay because we have over 100lbs already!

I would say a good 20lbs of potatoes were unusable. A few were green because no one got around to hilling them even though he said he would. The rest looked as though they were eaten from the inside out. All hollow and a few weird looking white bugs hanging around. We played the worms vs. rodent game for about 10plants until Mr. Pickles dug up what he said was a mouse nest, no one was home, but I still screamed.  I will have to go out and take a picture once it dried up a bit.

I was able to clear 4 rows of dead plants and weeds from the garden yesterday too. Then my arm gave out and Mr.P said that I had to stop before I passed out. Oh well it’s better than nothing.  The bad thing about the rain is that it is still causing some things to grow or regrow which makes weeding the garden a pain in the butt! Not that I am hoping for a hard frost to kill everything, but it sure is tempting!


  1. Sounds like you have a good harvest of potatoes :o) and the good part is you can use them in so many ways

  2. Gingerbreadhouse7-The past few years we had good potato harvests too, but when i would go to use the potatoes they would be rotten in the middle. I hope that doesn't happen again because it will be the end to potatoes in the garden!

  3. Happy to hear that you were able to get most of those potatoes dug! That's a pretty nice harvest.

    I sure hope that you don't have a problem with them rotting in the center. Maybe you should try an early variety. That way they won't be in the ground as long

  4. Robin-Thank you. I think you may be on to something with the potatoes being in to long. They could have come out in August I guess since they were a good size at that time. Something to think about for next year!


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