Clean up day?

Fall is officially here I fear. Yesterday while barbecuing I could see my breath and the mornings are looking quite dreary now. Let’s just hope the snow stays away for another month or two!

I am not ready for things to start looking like this yet!

I think the garden is finally dry enough for me to go out and do some fall cleaning or more like clearing I guess! It is still pretty moist so I think I will keep the potatoes in for a bit more, however, they are now calling for rain tomorrow. I guess I will have to see how Mr. Pickles is feeling when he comes home for lunch. Just maybe I can convince him to help me! Or even better I could just watch him dig the potatoes out from the window in the porch. Yeah I don’t think that is going to go over very well.

My parents have volunteered to come out and help me get the garden ready for winter, but I feel bad that they have to help. So that means that I have to get out there and get as much done as I can before they come out on the week-end. Which means that I should get off the internet and go

My ghastlies project is still a work in progress. I wish I knew a bit more about sewing or even smarter I wish that I would have found a pattern that I could have followed. I am just winging it and that isn’t exactly working out for me. 


  1. At first glance, I thought that you had snow!! I hope that you got those potatoes out of the ground! Have fun cleaning up the garden!

  2. Robin-no snow yet..but half the potatoes are out now!

  3. Yeah, me too. Almost all of my garden is cleared except for the tomato plants, but they too will be gone in a few days.

  4. Randomgardener-Lucky you still having tomato plants in. Frost hit here in early September so mine have been out for awhile


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