Mutant potatoes

Yesterday my parents came out and helped me to get the garden ready for winter. I got the fun job of driving the garden tractor with trailer and picking up the garbage and hauling it to the back of the yard. The only bad thing about that was I cannot back the trailer up so I would have to unpin the trailer and push it to the dump area and unload it by hand .Since when I would pull the dump leaver it wouldn't dump!

It only took a couple of hours and then we had a nice lunch and went back out to get the flower bed in front of the house done and the gazebo taken down. All in all it was a very productive day. I am very lucky to have parents that are willing to come out and help.

 Yesterday we also tried to till the garden, but the tiller wouldn’t start so Mr. Pickles is going to fix it or just bring one from the farm and get it tilled before the snow comes. Once the garden is tilled and I clean out the island flower bed the yard will be officially ready for winter. Yikes now it really can snow at anytime and stay for the next 6 months!!! Not looking forward to that!

My mother dug up the last row of Potatoes and I must say the Yukon gold grew a little wonky this year!

This one looks like a mushroom

This one looks like a cracked chicken

One the left we have a chicken and on the right we have a


  1. Those potatoes do look like they mutated....

  2. Those are some scary potatoes. lol. It's great that your parents are close enough and willing to help you out.

  3. Strange! I wonder what is causing it. They look more like Jerusalem artichokes.

  4. I think they are just in the ground for too long. It is also just the Yukon Golds that are a little funky looking. For the most part the Red potatoes are just fine.


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