Sewing Saturday-Quilt Show

Well I don’t have anything to show that I have made, since yesterday I was in the city for most of the afternoon and evening. I did however get to attend the local quilt show and it was really really good. 

Since Saskatoon is so small (just under 300,000) I didn’t think that our local quilter’s guild was that big. I was expecting maybe 10 or so quilts, maybe a few machine demos and a few quilt stores showing things to buy.
What I found was a huge display of quilts! I think there had to be somewhere over 500 quilts about 30 vendors and a lot of people. Maybe all quilt shows do this, but we had to wear plastic gloves while looking at the quilts. I thought that was pretty funny!

Here are a few pics from the show.

These are all the quilts that the guild made that are going to charity

These are a few of my favourites in the show

There were a lot of neat things at the vendors. Lots of kits, which is nice since you cannot get many kits at the 2 local stores. I bought one fall kit and am still kicking myself over not getting this cute snowman kit. However, I collect Santa’s and nutcrackers so the snowman wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

I also saw Sue Abrey’s book "Pick four". Sue’s blog Quilt Times Is one of the first quilting blogs I followed and has since help to inspire me to sew again and take up quilting. When I saw her book I yelled "hey that Sue’s book, I know her". To which my mom said how do know her and I said well okay I don’t know her but I follow her blog so well yeah I guess I don’t know of Nonetheless I was pretty excited to see her book at our local quilt show.

All in All I was very happy with the quilt show. It exceeded my expectations and inspired me more than I thought it would. I wanted to run home and sew something! I am hoping some of that inspiration stays with me today as I try to finish up a few Halloween projects!


  1. Woww, that looks like a great show. Lots of quilts to inspire, and then lots of traders to tempt you. Perfect day in my view. Oh, and yes, I think that following a blog and so on is "knowing" someone too.

  2. Looks like there were some beautiful quilts! Can't wait to see what your kit looks like. When you saw Sue Abrey's book and said "I know her" that is exactly what I would have done too!


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