Week 30 and Ghastlie Blog Hop Day 4!

Since today is Thursday that means it is time for my weekly garden update. However, everything is already out of the garden so I thought I would start something a wee bit different.

 You may have noticed that I said today was week 30, which is out of sequence since it would actually be week 24 today. However, what I am now going to do now is count down the weeks till I plant my garden.  So if I plant my garden at the same time next year as I did this year that means that there are 30weeks until the garden is up and running again. That doesn’t seem too long at all!

Here is a picture of the garden at week 30. Mr. Pickles has just tilled a wee bit, but it is ready for winter none the less.

Now stop looking at this sad garden picture and go check out the blog hop!

Today is day 4 of the amazing Ghastlie blog hop. Make sure you check out the great blogs below and stop by Madame Ghastlies Site to check out today's prize!

Thursday October 27th 
Day 4

           Mrs. Katherine Ghastlie              

Wednesdays winners were Sheri and Jackie for Mrs.Penny and Mrs. Karen Ghastlies


  1. That's a nice flat piece of land to have as your garden..
    Mine rolls down as a hill and difficult to work with :o( .Guess I may as well be content..I don't see a move in the future :o(

  2. Gingerbreadhouse7-thank you. The previous owners picked a good spot for it. I could see how having a garden on a hill would be difficult. at least you still get some yummy goodies out of it!


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