19 weeks until planting!

With garden due in 19 weeks I figure I better start planning what I am going to do out there. I keep saying that I want to start some seeds inside first and if I want to do that then I have to start getting my butt in gear now!

I think I have finalized my list of what I want.

Tomatoes Roma
Tomato cherry
Tomato Brandywine or beefsteak or Cherokee purple
Baby Choi
Spice peppers
Cucumbers- pickling
Fava Beans
Mixed Lettuce
Spaghetti Squash
Butternut Squash
Potato Yukon gold
Potato red skin
Potato Purple
Potato Fingerling
Sweet Potato
Onions white
Onions Red
Brussels sprouts
Herb garden

Now I need to finalize which varieties I want and what I want to start earlier. Everything that I planted last year was from seed directly into the garden. That resulted in everything coming up at the same time roughly in August so I think I am going to do two sections in the garden. One side is going to be started indoors in February and planted as seedlings in May and the other half is going to be sown directly into the ground in May. I am going to have to put some more thought into this....as usual!


  1. OMG, I want your garden. I have nowhere to put a garden that would hold that much produce.

  2. I'll admit ignorance - you're in zone 2 - when's your last frost date?

    Obviously things like potatoes can go in about 4wks before last frost (and I get away with earlier), and leeks are as hardy as you like - but I'd struggle even here with sweet potato or butternut squash to get a long enough growing period.

    Mind you (oh - I am such a busybody!), although I have brassicas quite happily over-wintering, I'm guessing that you've got to be a very hardy sprout indeed to get through your winters?

    And you've missed peas & a lot of beans fron your list - I love both to eat fresh & to dry for over winter.

    OMG - do tell me to butt-out - you've got me on a hobby-horse here!

  3. I'm feeling excited for you - such fun. And what a great garden you will have.
    Btw, I keep meaning to ask. What's a zone 2 mean? I know it has to do with where you live and the sort of climate you have, but what sort of climate do you have?

  4. Oh my! You're going to have an awesome garden :-)

  5. haha! you are the optimist....I am going to escape to Maui....I can plan for spring better there LOL

  6. a friend of mine did a garden a few years back and she put her seed in milk cartons and dirt and let them sit there in the middle of winter. Do you do anything like that?? I dont know why she did this, but she said her grandmother (or maybe aunt) had always done it this way!


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