Beans and Peas

On the week-end my mother gave me a few bags of yellow peas, kidney beans and yellow split peas. I think she got them from the same lady that had the tomatoes that fell off a truck, but I am not totally sure about that...LOL

I took them home since I also have a bag of chick peas and a bag of pinto beans and we figured I could find some good recipes online and then make individual vacuumed sealed bags for each of us. So say a recipe calls for 1c peas, 1c chickpeas, 1c kidney beans I will measure it all out, put it in a bag and seal it. That way when we make soup you can just pour the whole bag into the pot and you’re done.

The problem is I cannot find a nice variety of recipes it’s just a lot of split pea soup and chilli. Also I am not sure if I can substitute yellow peas for lentils. I don’t see why not, but since I have never used dried legumes before I am not sure. I am going to have to do a lot more research than I though...silly peas and beans!

Who would have thought that using dried beans and peas would require so much work...maybe it’s just me...LOL  If anyone has any tips or suggestions I would love to hear them!

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  1. That's a nice selection of beans you have there..I'd just take a half cup of each and bag them for a one pot meal (most likely a soup would be the best choice i could make. ) Or bag up a cup or two for separate dishes cook and add to rice..All I could think of for now :o)

  2. I hve BAGS of dried beans and never seem to use them! Thank goodness they keep!!

  3. I keep all our beans in old jars on the kitchen counter to display.

    When I fill up the jars and as there is some left I have another old jar that I put an assortment of beans.

    When the jar is full I make a pot of mixed beans and cornbread.

    Split peas and lentils are also add to the jar of beans.


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