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Today I decided to link up with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced. Make sure you go on over and check out what everyone else around the world is working on.

I have a few projects on the go I have posted about a few of them before, but they are WIP and it is Wednesday so I figured why not..lol

This is block number 2 from the Sew Happy Quilt QAL. It is called the woven block and I am quite smitten with it. I just love how it is so simple yet looks so funky. I think I would like to make a whole woven block quilt, but for now it is just the one block.

This is block number 3 from the QAL I haven’t finished stitching it together yet, but I think it looks very pretty so far. If things work out this evening I hope to start block number 4, but she shall see.

I am also still working on my Table runner. It is my NewFO for the month so there is no rush to finish it, but I would like to get it done pretty soon. Right now the instructions on how to construct it are confusing me. In the diagram it shows to add this one piece to one of my blocks....but it didn’t ask me to make a piece like that and I am not suppose to cut anything up...so I am going to throw set it aside for a day or two and move onto something else.

I am in a Valentine’s Day swap and need to get something made ASAP. I think I am going to make a little mug rug with these fabrics. So right now that project is just in the planning stages.

I am also still planning on making a 12X14 mini quilt even though the blog hop is a no go. I want to make something valentiney and using these fabrics or the ones I showed up above. However, I really would like to do some appliqué hearts on it and I have never appliquéd before. So I am going to have to YouTube that.

And finally something that is a WIP even if it isn’t me working on the blocks here are my Amish diamonds and framed pinwheel blocks from my We Bee Learnin Bee. These are the beauties that have arrived and are now officially MINE!!! YAHOO sooooooo pretty! Great work ladies. There are more on the way and I will post them once I get them...Just in case some of the lovely ladies from the bee are wondering why theirs are not in this mosaic

Row One is Group One Amish Diamond   Rita, Me, Teresa, Lisa, Brandy, Phuong

Row Two is Group 2  Me, Tara, Jody, Nita, Dee, Jody, Barbara

Take Care


  1. Everything looks beautiful...I can see your enjoying your craft..I'm busy at the loom and enjoying it also..Happy days while they last..veggie work soon :o)

  2. You have a lot on the go, Mrs P!

    I must say that baaaaaaad instructions drive me nuts - I guess that a brilliantly technical quilter, or one who is really creative with designs is NOT NECESSARILY great at showing/teaching!

    My very first attempt at quilting was from a book written by a well respected quilter - but that did not stop me from throwing the damn book across the room with the cry of 'what do you mean' when the instructions were poor!

    Surprised to find that I love your woven block - yellow/black combos don't often do a lot for me, but that is lovely!

    Have fun!

  3. I WILL get mine out to you on Friday! I have a day off!! YA!! I have seen a lot of those weaved blocks and I agree I think they would make a great quilt!

  4. What beautiful WIP! You have some nice things going on!

  5. Looks like lots of playing with fabric going on! I have to get working on a Valentine's Day fabric project too, thanks for the reminder!


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