Where did January Go!

Holy Cow where in the heck did this month go! It seems like it should still be October and here we are at the end of the first month of 2012.

I didn’t set any New Year’s resolutions this year since usually by this time of the month I have already broken them and then beat myself up for doing so. I did however have a few wants. I wanted to do more sewing/quilting and so far I think I have stuck to that pretty well. I have used my sewing machine more this month than I have since I bought it. I think the fact that I joined a few bee’s and swaps has helped to keep me motivated. Also the fact that I am not actually screwing up the blocks as bad as I thought I would has been a pleasant surprise and allows me to enjoy my new craft even more.

I also wanted to get my garden planed out before May and that has happened too. I have decided on what I want to plant and now I just have to buy the seeds. One of the seed catalogues that I get has a store in the city so when the time comes closer to when I need to plant I will stop by and pick up what I need. I would like to buy everything now, but chances are I would be cleaning and put them somewhere that I think would be a good spot and then never find them again..Lol

And now for something completely different....I have a question for you all. Lately when I have been making potatoes baked, or mashed they are turning black on me. I know that if you leave your peeled potatoes out too ling they will begin to oxidize which it what appears to be happening to them, but it only happened after cooking. For example yesterday I made baked potatoes Mr. Pickles doesn’t like the peel on so I peel his before I bake them. 2 of the 3 potatoes were fine and when we opened up the 3rd one it looked like this. it is not burnt just brown and that was after about 10mins of cooking

I also have been having that problem when making mash. When I peel and cook the potatoes they look fine no discolouring. When they are ready to be mashed they still look fine and so does the mash. Then I put the lid back on the pot and in the magical 20seconds it takes me to walk from the counter to the table the potatoes turn black.

Now this doesn't happen with all the potatoes just some. Which is why i don't want to toss them all out!

In addition to this the potatoes have a really strong metal taste in my mouth and it feels like a chemical burn (not that I have drank bleach but something to that affect) Sometimes they make my whole mouth feel like it is on fire and there is a very chemically after taste. However, with all that said I am the only one that has that taste/feeling. When I make potatoes for anyone else they taste fine, but not to me.

So if anyone has experience that or know what it is I would love to know I am not alone...lol

Take Care


  1. They can turn black for several reasons. If they are in contact with iron or aluminum they can react with it.

    It can happen if they are stored too cold.

    It can also be caused by a high ration of one type of acid in the potato (whose name I've long forgotten) compared to citric acid. The first acid will oxidize and turn black unless there is enough citric acid in the potato. You can put a little lemon juice into the mashed potatoes to prevent it. But you can't really do that for a baked potato.

  2. Wow, I've never had that happen to my potatoes. Daphne seems to know what she's talking about. I have cut into potatoes that are black in the center, but I think that is a different problem. I use stainless steel pans. Could it be your cookware?

  3. What is Canada doing to potatoes? LOL!! I always bake mine schmeared in butter and salt and take the peel off after it gets out of the oven, it makes the 'tato light and fluffy! But alas no clue why yours turn black! Good luck with that!

  4. *giggle* I must confess that I enjoy your page because occasionally I call, Kiki (the cat) Mr. Pickles. Now when you said Mr. Pickles doesn't like the peel I was floored. Does Mr. Pickles sound like Churchill? When I 'pretend' that Kiki aka Mr Pickles is talking, he has a definite Winston Churchill like voice. :)

  5. Home gardener- The is too funny that you call your cat Mr. Pickles. My husband doesn't sound like Churchill..but i am sure he could try..lol

  6. He probably could! :)

    There is this insurance company in UK that has a bobble head dog that is called Churchill. Funny stuff.

    " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6l1MLMLZ8M&feature=related"

    Nice blog though!


  7. Homegarder- what a cute video silly little pup..lol


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