International food nights go to Egypt

On the 31st Mr. Pickles and I had my parents over for our international food night’s dinner party. We had picked E awhile back and decided to do EGYPT!!

It was a little hard to decorate the house since all of my Christmas decorations are still up. My father is Ukrainian so we also celebrate Christmas on the 6th/7th of January following the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. So it was Christmas in Egypt.

Many years ago my parents and I were fortunate enough to actually visit Egypt so was able to put a few souvenirs we had bought on the table. The only other decoration I could think of was to fill the kitchen with books I have about ancient Egypt...but that wasn’t very

Okay onto our Menu

Baba Ganoush
Homemade Pita
I was also suppose to make zucchini cakes, but I forgot about them until we sat down to eat...oops

Main Course
Ful Midomes (Fava beans in lemon and garlic....I think this might be a breakfast dish but I liked it so I made it for supper)
Koushari (lentils, macaroni, rice, chickpea with a tomato sauce
Chicken Corniche (basically a chicken stew with tomatoes, cloves and cinnamon)
This a sampler plate my Dad put together after the meal Homemade pita, Chicken Corniche, Koushari, Ful Midomes
Basbousa sweet cake using semolina flour)

All in all it was a wonderful meal!

My parents picked a S out of the bag....but we will have to wait till March to see what county they choose!


  1. I love the sound of your international dinner evenings. Babousa cake looks particularly scrummy!

  2. Except for the dessert cake, I have tried or made all the other recipes! Great choices, and beautiful presentations! I would have been so full after the appetizers you would have had to give me an Egyptian take home bag!
    PS I collect international cook books so if you ever need a particvular recipe, ask, if I can help I will!

  3. Your international dinners sound so neat, great photos!

  4. An interesting way to start the New Year!

  5. Table looks great and food looks super yummy! :)

  6. Looks like a great night.

  7. Yum! I have semolina flour in the cupboard maybe i should try that desert!! YUMM! You went all out!!!

  8. Yum! You really went all out. Do you have nights like this often?

  9. Dr.Momi It was a great way to end 2011 by trying something new and still being alive in 2012 to say i didn't give us all food poisoning...LOL

    Trina. Thank you

    Jody- We try to have them once a month unless life gets in the way and makes us wait!


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