Sewing Saturday

Last night I finally came to the realisation that I have taken on more than I can handle. It seems like a few short weeks ago that I was looking for a bee to take part in and now I am in 5 bees, three swaps and a blog hop. My brain seemed to have forgotten that I'm sick maybe that's because it’s 4 years later and I still cannot accept the fact that this is the way my life is going to be from now on.

 Quitting is not an option; however making myself physically sick over sewing doesn't make sense either. So guess I am just going to have to put my sewing into Gods hands and whatever happens happens. If I don't make the blocks up to everyone’s standards then all I can say is I am sorry and that I really tried!
Okay enough whining and complaining! Sometimes you just need to write things down and let them go. Thank you for letting me do so J

If any of you have read my profile it says in there that gardening, cooking, paper crafts, sewing and quilting are my passion. However, if you look through my blog and my flickr photostream you are probably thinking..Okay so where is the sewing and quilting? Well truth be told I haven’t been quilting for that long. In the past year I have bought more fabric, patterns and books than I have actually made anything. The only block I have ever made was a log cabin, so you can see why I might be feeling overwhelmed. Especially when I look at the talent of the people around me online!

Nonetheless, yesterday I cut my fabric for my January blocks for the We Bee Learning Bee. I am the host bee of January in both groups. I did this in part so that any mistakes or kinks we need to work out in the group can happen at the start and in my month since I am the Bee Keeper or Bee Mama. The other reason is that I don’t really know what I am doing and at least the first months blocks are just going to me so that isn’t as stressful!

For group one I picked an Amish Diamond and requested the colours black, grey and blue. This is what I came up with.

I think it turned on pretty good. I had to do a bit of ripping since my rows didn’t quite match up. They still are not perfect, but I think that was as close as I was going to get. It was a really fun block to make.

For group two I chose a framed pinwheel. I have been admiring pinwheels for the past few months, but have never made one before. I requested the colours to be whatever they wanted since I didn’t know what colour theme I wanted. Plus I might turn them all into a table runner and placemats set instead of a quilt! This is what I ended up with.

The block was quite easy to make and I found that it took me about 30mins to do the whole thing. However, it is not without its faults. I didn’t take the best picture so the one side looks wonky, but it is straight when I measure it.. J My rows are ever so off once again, but three are pretty good so I just left the one. The big problem is that the baulk in the middle of the pinwheel is making my points out of whack. I did trim off the dog ears and have tried pressing the heck out of it, but it still is a bit off. Any suggestions would be helpful!
I think I did pretty good for my second and third blocks ever made. It’s a bit intimidating posting them on here since I know they are not the best. However, they are just for me and I tried my best so I must stop beating myself up over it!


  1. You're being really tough on yourself about the pinwheel block - it looks gorgeous!

    I have found that pressing the seams open takes that hard knot that you sometimes feel in the center of pinwheels.

  2. have you tried to open up the sems in the back where all of the points come together? THis helps your center lay flatter. look at this page. it is a great tutorial

  3. I'm with Jackie. Quit being so hard on yourself!!! Both blocks look great!

  4. They look good to me. And joining 8 points is hard. I'm still not happy with my results and I've done a few now. Your's looks great.

  5. Being "cut from the same cloth" as you, I know how you feel, but the results of your work is fine! Just enjoy your sewing, don't stress over it! If it isn't fun don't do it! I am still learning the hard way (rip, cuss, sigh, rip again) but enjoying it anyway! If I ever get al the rows even it will be a miracle!

  6. What are you talking about?! Your blocks look really good to me! That pinwheel center.....lay the block on a hard surface, put you thumb on the center, press down and twist. Or hit it with a hammer. (cover it before hitting it with the hammer).

  7. When you've done the best you can ..don't worry about what ever didn't look time ..and next time you will get better and better until you can't stand yourself :o)

  8. I think your blocks look great, remind yourself that the Amish believe "Nothing is ever perfect, except for God", this is the mantra I choose to go with when sewing ;) As for hints, I cant sing the praises of Fork Pins, they are little miracles when you quilt.

  9. SewSurprising- Thank you for the lovely comment and the great advice!!

  10. Like most things, the more you do, the more comfortable you'll feel, Mrs P, so as the others have said, don't beat yourself up!

    Just love Annie's comment - must add 'hammer' to my list of quilting essentials! :-)

  11. I think your pinwheel looks great and you have already gotten some great tips! I think the realization has just hit you about how many different things you have going on right now but you will do fine, this isn't a race - enjoy yourself!

  12. Your blocks look fine. We are our hardest critic sometimes. Girl I have the hardest time with pinwheels. would try opening the seams that does make it easier. Your right all you can do is your best and if that's not ok with someone else. Oh well.


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